How it all beganMature

  My name was Olivia... Jackson, i lived in New York, i loved the life the smell the air, everything about the city was amazing , ever since i was a little girl i was meant to be a city girl, and even one day sing live on Broadway. I had the spirit and the spunk and no one was gonna bring me down. or so i was just me and my mom, i was the smaller version of her we looked identical. my dad died while my mom was pregnant with me, but we made do we loved each other and were best friends almost. we only need each other, and that was fine with us.  Until i turned  seven, i never suspected anything but the year i was six she would  leave me with my Nana. i thought nothing of it i loved my Nana and just assumed that she had to work a different schedule.

   On my seventh birthday my mom took me to see phantom of the opera, every year since i was four we saw different plays. i was so entranced by the play it was magic come to life, i was vaguely aware of the man sitting next to my mother, the were talking and i thought nothing of it. After the show my mother introduced me to the man his name was Jake Vonda. he seemed okay but there was something about him that didn't seem right , i was always able to get good or bad vibes from people . Which was good because my mother never saw a bad thing about a person. We went out to eat for Chinese food my favorite, but we came with us and i was ignored most of the time, causing me to hate this man even more.

   Six months later Jake had moved in, i had protested dearly my   mother accused me of being silly. i told my Nana she was always so happy to see me she believes me when ever i have that feeling. She came over a few nights later with things she found on the Internet,  telling my momma to listen to me. She thought we were silly, she should stay for dinner because Jake was in the other room. Nana didn't want to i could just get that feeling it was running off her.

  we sat down for dinner then my mom announced that Jake and her had eloped  last week when i was left with Nana. Once i found out what it meant i was so pissed i may have been seven but i had the brains and smart ass attitude of a fourteen year old.

" Why the hell would you do this mom you know this man is evil i thought it was just us best friends together to the end."

" I am your mother and when did you pick up such fowl language got to your room."

" i hope you enjoy your life because i am not going to be part of it," then i turned to him the man that was like an incarnation of the devil himself. ' and 'you the man who  ruined everything i hope you burn in hell because your a fucking bastard, i hope you die." by then i was crying . " i will be upstairs packing i dis own you mother until you leave this jerk off."

Jake told my mother he would go talk  to me . i turned around to cuss him out but he grabbed my hair and told me he would l=kill me if i made a noise, he drug me to my room and trough me against a wall he had a handful of my fire red hair in his hand. he then picked me up by my neck  and i started choking tears streamed down my round cheeks. he told me that i was gonna be a good little girl go down stairs and apologize to my mom, or else he would give me something to  cry about. and i believed it.

I apologized and my mom fore gave me i said I would be a good little girl. Then life began to suck.

The End

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