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I don't want to tell you my name, but just know i wasn't always a pessimistic !%#@%.

SOMETIMES THERE ARE THINGS THAT CAN’T BE CHANGED! And until you realize that your life can be very…. how do I put it truculent, or whatever the hell else's. Because once when everything has become perfect, or ordinary, or even tolerable, It will changes nothing remains okay there will be hurt, your life will suck at some point, the good will never out way the bad , and there is no way in hell that everything will ever be okay again. Call me what you wish a pessimist, or what other big words you would like to choose to speak, but you all know there is no hope in having a happy life there is something that’s always gonna be screwed up. So remember that no matter what you do your life’s always going to be A BIG PAIN IN THE ASS.

                                                           - I wasn't always like this


The End

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