Janice seems to ponder Sparky's reaction, then her face goes white.

"What do you think that thing eats?" she squeaks.

"What? Sparky?" Ryan says.

"Ugh! Whatever you call that thing.  What if it eats meat?"

"Then she's going to eat us and we're screwed," he says with a straight face.  But, knowing Ryan, his straight face never means he's telling the truth.

Janice huffs a big breath, almost a growl, and before she starts to yell I butt in.

"Look, Sparky is gentle.  If she wanted to eat us, she would have already.   I think you are just really, really, paranoid." 

 Ryan chuckles at the last part "Yeah, definitely paranoid."  He agrees.

Janice shuts up but throws Ryan some nasty looks.

After some time, Ryan stands up, "Ok, I'm going to go find Sparky.  Hopefully she hasn't wandered off.  We're gonna need her."

I follow him.  There's no sign of her in the bread aisle, or the cereal, or the fruit.  The last one we check is the meat section.  And there she is, empty plastic and styrophome containers and blood on the floor.  She looks up at us, bloodlust and hunger in her eyes, and growls threateningly.

The End

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