Junk Food

Sparky glides down and hits the ground.  I mean litterally, hits the ground.  We're all knocked foward as she lands and skips a few paces then stops completely.  She lies down and everyone slides off her back.  Ryan pats her neck and says, "Good girl."

Janice turns her back to us, doubles over, and throws up.  The children giggle and go, "Eww!"

"Where are we?"  I ask.  We must have gone really far, because I've never seen this parking lot before or the stores surrounding it.

"Umm... I'm not sure.  But if Sparky thinks it's safe, then it probable is." says Ryan.

"Still, I'd rather not be out here.  Can we go into that grocery?"  I motion to the largest building.  The letters for its name are gone.  i don't know how or why, but I wouldn't be supprised by anything at this point.

"Yeah.  Good idea.  I'm sure Amy and Joseph are hungry."  Ryan starts walking to it, and we all follow.  Sparky watches us for a second then follows.  We let Janice and the kids go in first, then hold open the doors for Sparky.  She just barely fits through, but onces we're inside the high ceiling provides enough space for her to move freely.

The place is deserted.  Some of the food has been stolen, but otherwise, there's enough to last us a long time.

We start opening bags of chips and soda bottles and cookie packages, going all-out on our free supply of junk.  Ryan offers Sparky some crackers, but she growls at it and walks off. 

The End

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