You Could Jump

With my arms wrapped tightly around Ryan's torso, I peer over the side of Sparky's large body. We've got to be at least a couple hundred feet off the ground, and, looking back, Janice still looks like she's going to be sick.

I bury my face in Ryan's shoulder, attempting to hide my satisfied smile. Ryan reaches back with his hand and pats my head. I breathe in deep and sigh.

"Are you sure there's nothing you can do to make this thing land?" Janice cries once more.

"You could jump," I suggest sarcastically. Her eyes go wide and then turn to disgust as she glares at me.

"Relax, Janice. It was a joke. I'm sure Sparky will touch down shortly. Amy and Joseph don't seem to be having a problem," I say passively, looking down at the nearing ground.

Ryan pats Sparky's neck again, and she narrows her lavender eyes. She shivers with pleasure and goes into a nose dive. Janice shrieks as if there's no tomorrow and clutches at my back, leaning over Amy.

Before I know it, though, Sparky is leveling out again and circling above a parking lot.


The End

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