Sparks Fly, and So Does Sparky

Ryan and I follow Janice back out into the parking lot to find Amy and Joseph stroking Sparky's neck.

"You guys, get away from that thing!" Janice calls, rushing forward.

"She's friendly. Ryan even said so," Joseph defends, stepping back all the same.

Janice sighs and glares at Ryan.

"If that thing harms me, or my family, I will kill you. I'm all for teaming up together, and being allies, but I put my family first," she announces.

"Understandable. But I highly doubt Felicia or I could do more damage than those things," Ryan replies calmly.

I held him closer, my blood seething inside, though I knew I had nothing to worry about. Just... Feminine impulse, you could say.

"Very well. We should leave now."

As Janice and her family start for the car, a toilet flies out of nowhere, smashing into the hood of the black Mercedes.

The three shriek, as well as Ryan and myself. Sparky stirs under the wires and stands. She's at least seven feet tall. The electrical wires crackle as sparks of gold fly. She beats her wings a few times and lifts off the ground, circling around the hospital once and landing again on top of the car.

"Well, our car just went down the tubes," Ryan says.

I temporarily forget about the large gash in his chest and hit him. He bends over, wheezing, as I apologize profusely.

"It's okay," he manages to gasp in between shallow breaths filled with pain.

I pop open the trunk and grab six guns, two for Janice, myself, and Ryan.

I put one in my pocket after making sure the safety is on, and sling the rifle over my shoulder.

"Why are you handing this to me?" Janice asks, shock and panic clear on her face.

"You come with us, you fight with us," I reply. I look up at Sparky and gaze at her.

"The car is totaled. There's no way it will run with the engine smashed up like that," I state the obvious.

"So what do we do?" Janice asks, still eying the guns.

Ryan walks forward, coming slowly up to Sparky. "Do you think she could take all five of us? We can't stay here much longer. The three of us, Janice, you and myself probably weigh close to three hundred pounds, not to mention another hundred between Amy and Joseph. That's close to four hundred pounds." Ryan doesn't sound too hopeful.

"There's only one way to find out. And if she can't, then we'll have to find another car. I didn't see any on the way over here, though; I think the town is evacuated, people and vehicles alike," I reason doubtfully.

"I'll get on first, then you and the kids, and then Janice," Ryan announces. Sparky jumps off the smashed hood and lowers herself nearly to the ground. Amy and Joseph inch forward cautiously and grab on. Ryan and I help them get situated. I climb on just behind Ryan, with Amy and Janice behind me, and Joseph in front of Ryan.

She beats her wings and begins to run towards the building, gaining momentum. She leaps and we're in the air, easily.

We are flying!

The End

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