Eh, What's Up, Doc?

"So, how do we untangle Sparky without electrocuting anyone?" I ask, wondering at the impossible task.

"Um... I don't know," Ryan replies helpfully.

Sparky looks down at us with sad, lavender eyes, and I feel sorry for the giant bird.

"We'll think of something," Ryan says determinedly.

I stand up, disentangling myself from Ryan's arms, and reach out my hand. He takes it, pulling himself up with a sharp intake of breath and grimace.

I had almost forgotten!

"How's your side?" I wonder, pondering if it is time to panic or not.

"Better," he says with a wide smile. He pulls me in for another kiss, but I pull away.

"Let's go inside real quick. I want to take a look at your side again. Sparky can wait a total of ten more minutes," I command, cutting off whatever he was about to say in protest.

I guide Ryan back inside the hospital, and take him into the first room with sufficient supplies I find.

"Take off your shirt," I order. He does, wincing in the process. I unwrap the shirt I'd tied around him, trying not to hurl at the sight of so much blood.

I grab a stethoscope and look up at Ryan.

"Seriously?" He asks.

"Yes, seriously. You are injured, and I'm the closest thing we have to a doctor at the moment. I'm going to make sure I do things properly; I don't need my best friend dying on me suddenly because I was stupid and didn't take care of him properly," I defend myself.

"Seriously, Felicia, I'm fine. It's just a scratch," Ryan announces, exasperated.

I glare at him and throw down the stethoscope. "Fine. But you're still letting me take care of this properly," I say, not allowing myself to believe him.

I find some alcohol and cotton swabs and clean his wound.

He sucks in a breath of air, squeezing his eyes shut.

"Sorry, I forgot to mention that it would sting."

"Yeah, right."

I grab some more things that look promising, and gently wash the blood off of his skin.

"The bleeding has stopped, as far as I can tell. I can't tell if there's any internal bleeding, and I'm not going to perform a surgery to find out. I'm too clumsy for that. But you look fine," I announce, thinking to myself that he looks more than just fine.

I patch up his chest again, and he pulls his shirt on again.

"Thanks, Doc," He kids, standing up and brushing my bangs out of my face. I smile and stand up on my tippy-toes to give him a kiss.

"If we're quite finished here, I think we should get out of here. Your pet is getting restless, and I thought I heard something a few blocks away," Janice announces, hugging herself and glancing around nervously.

The satisfaction I am currently feeling is wonderful, and I hide my smile as I bury my face in Ryan's neck.

The End

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