Smart Sparky

Amy and Joseph look at Sparky with wide, frightened eyes.  Janice just glares, a slight hint of fear in her eyes.  Ryan has one arm around my waist and the other stroking Sparky's feathers.

Finally, Janice gets ticked and mutters under her breath, "What a stupid beast!  Vile, hostile, stupid beast!  How do they know it's friendly?"

Sparky's eyes get wide and her crest rises.  She looks down on Janice and emits a deep, low, growl.  Her feathers vibrate against each other, making a buzzing sound.  Janice steps back, grabs the two children, and herds them back inside.

Ryan chuckles, and so does Sparky.  I laugh out loud, believing fully that she might actually understand English.

"Good girl, Sparky.  Very good,"  Ryan tells her.

He looks back down at me, and I feel myself blush.  It was like Sparky had known exactly what he had wanted to happen.

He pulls me closer to him to share a long sweet kiss.  I barely hear Sparky's soft purr.

The End

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