Ever Heard of Privacy?

I'm frozen in shock and I can't move. Not that I would want to move... I must say that I'm fairly content right here.

"Are we done here?" a musical voice asks idly. Janice. My blood boils in both anger and embarrassment.

"Um..." I say, hastily sitting up straight. I'm just so great with words... (Relax, it's sarcasm).

Ryan looks up sheepishly.

"Come on out, kids," Janice calls. "It's okay, the bird won't hurt you. They've made quite sure that it's friendly."

"She. Her name is Sparky, and she's a girl," Ryan corrects her. Meanwhile, I'm trying to keep my lunch down and stay conscious.

So that's what it feels like to be walked in on during your first kiss, eh? Let me tell you, it is not fun. Anyone ever heard of a little thing called privacy?

Amy and Joseph come out the hospital doors, Amy looking like a miniature super model despite messy hair and bags under her eyes from lack of sleep. Joseph looks like a little boy afraid of the monster in the closet, or the alligator under the couch. I don't blame him.



The End

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