White Wings

Janice's face goes white as she grabs her sibblings and rushes them into the hallway.  Ryan goes to the window and I follow.  We're just not as easy to frighten as her I guess.  Or maybe it's sheer stupidity that we look.

The beast thrashes itself around in the wires, letting loose a heart-piercing scream.  It sounds like a puppy being hurt.  But the creature is anything but a puppy.  The flat-backed body is the size of a kitchen table.  Its long legs grasp the air,  four claws on both feet.  The tail swishes around, long and thin and weilding at the end a bony hook.  The neck is slender and smooth-looking.  The head, which is very bird-like, has a bright yellow crest maybe two feet high.  The impressive wings are the largest of any creature I've heard of.  They're like a bird's, huge and white and stunning.  The entire creature is white, save for the crest.  It's stunning violet eyes look around fearfully.

Ryan, without saying a word, turns and runs out the door.

"Ryan!  Where are you going?"  Before I can follow him I hear a door shut.  I glance back outside to see the exhausted beast fall out of the wires.  Ryan rushes to its side, watching the frayed power lines above.

I watch in absolute terror as he goes up to it and kneels down.  He runs his hand down the creature's neck.  I don't dare breathe.  For the longest time I just stand there and watch as he caresses the beast's neck.

Finally, the wings shudder, and the creature lifts itself up on its legs.  It folds its wings and looks down at Ryan, appearantly unharmed.  I can see how he's starting to regret his choice.

The animal lowers its head, closes its eyes, and nudges Ryan's shoulder tenderly with the tip of its beak.

It's friendly.

The End

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