Janice gets bored of our making fun of dead celebrities and gets on her own computer.  The two kids play rock-paper-scissors on the couch.  Which leaves Ryan and me to keep researching.

"Now, do you want to hear theories?  Or do we want to know what kind of crazy animals are out there?"  Ryan asks, twirling back and forth in his chair.

"The theories are probably wrong," I say, "And I'd rather not know what's trying to kill us.  Let's see what the government is trying."

Ryan nodds, "Ah, yes.  What is Mr. Obama doing to save us?"

"Isn't he missing?"

"Um... I think his name was in red."

"Who's vice president then?"

"No clue.  Don't really pay attention to politics."  He clicks the link, then the screen shivers and blacks out.

"What'd you do?" I say.

He looks at me, shocked that I'd blame him, "I didn't do anything!  The power's gone out!"

He points to the ceiling fan.  It's slowing.  He's right.

"Why do you think the power's dead?"  asks the little boy who's name I have forgotten.

Janice screams Hollywood-style and points out the window.

A flying beast has tangled itself in the power lines outside.

The End

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