Matt Lauer is Missing

The lounge is a nice room, up on the third floor of the building.  One one wall, facing away from the windows, are several computers lined up neatly on desks.  In the middle of the room are some black leather couches and chairs, facing a TV opposite the door.

Janice points to the computers, "The second and fourth ones don't work too well.  Go ahead and try the others."

Ryan plops himself in the spinny office chair of the third computer and logs on. (Thank goodness there are no passwords!)  I don't bother getting on to my own computer, but rather sit in the second computer's chair and watch his screen.  Janice stands over our shoulders (oh, get away why don't you?) while Amy and Joseph set themselves on the couches.

Ryan pulls up Google and searches, "invasion".

I look at him funny, "Why...?"

"It seems to fit.  We're being invaded by Jacks and Hummers and all sorts of freaky beasts, aren't we?"  He shrugs.  Janice's pretty eyes glitter when he talks.  Oh, I could so punch her right now...

Nothing really comes up but video games and movies.  I suggest we just go to an actual news website, and Ryan facepalms.

"Duh!  Why didn't I think of that!"

"Because you have to make everything seem like a joke and more difficult than it really is?"  I say.  Ryan chuckles.

He types in the URL for a news site and immediately, we're flooded by four different things on the page:

1. A link that lists the dead and missing.

2. Scientists' unsure guesses as to where all these beasts came from.

3. How the government is having issues in keeping everybody safe because more and more members of the invading (There's Ryan's word!) species along with new types just keep coming out of nowhere.

4. Descriptions of the animals that are known so far.

"I want to see who's gone."  Ryan clicks the link and an incredibly long webpage pops up, with a long list of endless names.  The dead are shown in red, the missing in blue.  Ryan doesn't even bother reading them and just scrolls down, reading random names.  "Dang... Jenna Al... She was in my history class last year... Luke Frances... Janet Jackson... Laura Matthews... Robert Newton... Jessica Orth... Ooh, Matt Lauer is missing.  Do you think Rex got him?"

I smack him in the shoulder, "Hey, I happen like the Today Show!"

"I never said it was bad."  He keeps scrolling down.

"Whatever.  You were implying you wanted him to be torn apart by Rex."

"Brittany Spears is dead.  I'd put my money on it that it was the Jacks."

I roll my eyes.  At least he seems to have forgotten Janice is here.

The End

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