The Dead Aren't Dead

"Who's there?" Ryan shouts.


"It's okay. We're not going to hurt you. We just want to know who's there." We wait a second longer, but still there's silence. "Come on! Just give it up! We aren't going to hurt you!"

Finally, after a minute, a female voice says, "It's alright. You can come out now."

"We aren't hidin---" Ryan starts to say, but stops when multiple blue sheets drop to the floor and people sit up.

"Sorry. You can never be too safe," a girl says, walking towards us.

She's maybe my age, with long, silky blond hair. She's incredibly beautiful, with bright blue eyes. She looks as if she could have just stepped out of a Fairy Tale. She was tall and slender; and I could practically hear Ryan's drool splashing the floor. It takes everything I have not to elbow him in the stomach. If he thinks a girl is pretty, that's not my problem.

Ryan and I aren't actually dating, so I shouldn't care. Or, that's what I'm trying to tell myself.

"I'm Janice."

"Ryan. And this is Felicia," Ryan says, as if he's under a magic spell.

Suddenly, I'm terribly jealous of her insane beauty. It isn't fair!

Calm down, Felicia! I mentally scream to myself.

A small girl of about ten, and a boy of maybe twelve walk towards Janice, taking her hands.

"This here is Amy," Janice says, pointing to the little girl. Amy looks just like Janice, only younger, and with tan skin. I hold nothing against her, because I know Ryan isn't in to ten year old girls.

"And this is Joseph," she says, gesturing to the little boy. He, too, has blond hair and blue eyes, but he doesn't possess the same Fairy Tale beauty Janice and Amy have.

"So, you guys aren't actually dead people?" Ryan asks lamely.

"No," Janice laughs. Her voice is like a melody of a beautiful song, played by tinkling bells. "We are not dead. Which is more than I can say for everyone else," she says sadly, glancing all around.

"If this is a morgue, where are all the dead people?" I ask.

"I moved them outside, hoping they would take the creatures away from here. It saddens me to do that to the deceased, but they no longer need their bodies, because their eternal souls are in a better place," Janice says. She speaks as if she's from the renaissance. It is seriously starting to get on my nerves.

I take notice of her form-fitting skinny jeans, and There For Tomorrow T-Shirt, and it strikes me as odd. She looks like she should be in a big, beautiful, poofy dress.

"You mean the Jacks?" Ryan asks, apparently able to focus more than I can.

"If that is the name you have given the creatures that are yellow-green, about six feet tall things that eat people, then yes. I am referring to the Jacks," she says, worriedly.

"Why do you talk like that?" I ask before I realize what I've just said.

"Talk like what?"

"Like your from an older time, where people were all proper and junk," I say, unable to stop myself.

"I am originally from England, here on vacation with my family. My parents and I were separated the other day, and I've been looking after my siblings," she says, as if that makes a difference to me.

"I'm sorry about your parents. I just wasn't expecting the whole 'proper talk' and stuff. I wonder if England has this problem.

"I do not know. We could check the internet," she suggests. "There are computers and TV's in the lounge upstairs."

"Why didn't we think of that, Felicia! The news! If there's any information on the rest of the country, it would be on the news!" Ryan yells, as if he's been given a great gift of inspiration.

The End

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