Morgues and More

The little slide out beds in the wall, where the bodies were kept, are all pulled out, and empty.

I look at Ryan.

"Are they all supposed to be like that?" he asks me.

I shrug my shoulders, saying with my eyes that I have no clue. I've never actually been in a morgue, have never wanted to be in a morgue, and will never, under any cicrumstances I can help, will go back inside a morgue.

I have chills tickling my back. The whole setting is just incredibly creepy.

It smells like that one preservative... I forget the name, but I know the smell. It reminds of me of the day we disected frogs in Biology.

There's one table, in the far left corner, that has a blue sheet over a lump of something. Given the place, I assume it's a dead body. I look around the whole room again, and I take notice of something.

There's tons of tables with blue sheets covering dead bodies. I shudder and cringe into Ryan.

Gathering my nerve, I force myself to look again. I hope it's just my imagination, but the bodies look like they're breathing.

"Let's go," I say to Ryan, unale to stand this room any longer.

Suddenly, somebody coughs. I look at Ryan. He looks at me. In the flash of a second, with one look in each other's eyes, we know that neither of us coughed.

There was somebody else in the room.

The End

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