Hoping For Hope

'Please, please, please let there be people here!'. I thought to myself as we slowly drove into Wynn. Till now, no trouble had crossed our path. We had occasionally made stops to get some gas for the Mercedes and also to get enough materials to help out Ryan and to prepare ourselves for a sudden attack.


But as we slowly drove in to Wynn, my hopes crashed down, bit by bit. There were no cars and no people which seemed more of a terrifying thought.


"What if everyone's been evacuated?" Ryan asked me.


"Let's hope not…"


As we drove deeper into the city, a few more cars started appearing which gave me some hope. Parking the Mercedes in a safe and hidden spot, we got out and walked into the hospital. Surely, there should be more chances of human activity here. This would be the first place people would come to if they were injured; so they could get supplies. The probability of people being injured (or worse, killed), was very likely.


 Ryan and I searched from room to room in the hospital but found no one. After nearly searching the whole hospital, we approached the morgue.


"You really want to check that room out?" I muttered to him.


"Gotta take my chances."


 Swinging the door open, we walked in and to our surprise, found more then what we had wanted to.


The End

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