For a Change

Ryan is sitting in the passenger seat for a change, and I have my foot on the gas peddle, speeding down the high way and swerving here and there to miss the scattered cars.

After moving John inside the hunting store, hoping the Jacks didn't know how to open doors but doubting it, we'd loaded the weapons into the Mercedes and left.

"Okay... You're surprisingly a very good driver. Do you have a license?"

"Nope. Haven't even been in Driver's Ed.," I reply shortly.



"Wow. You're a natural," Ryan says. He's about to say more, but before he can, I cut in.

"How's your side? Does it hurt?"

"Of course it hurts, but I doubt I'm going to die. The shirt you tied around me is really tight. Is it supposed to feel like it's cutting off circulation?"

"It's a tourniquet. It has to be that tight to cut off the circulation to stop the bleeding. Otherwise, you'd bleed out and die. I told you I have useful skills. Like my insane fast driving, and I might add that it's my first time ever. The First Aid. I can cook, you just got to the kitchen before I could that day. I can shoot a gun fairly well. At least I can hit a stand-still target. And I'm good at strategizing and coming up with plans."

"Okay. So you're not completely useless. I get the point," he says, laughing. I punch his arm.

"Hey, that was a compliment!"

"Implying that you're trying to make up for earlier when you virtually said I was useless. I'm not as stupid as I look, either."

I glance at him out of the corner of my eye and start laughing. Pretty soon, we are both laughing up a storm. If I wasn't driving, I would be on the floor rolling around and crying from laughing so hard.

We drive for maybe an hour longer, and still cars are scattered on the high way, unmoving and driver-less. It's easy to see, now, that most of the windows are busted out and there's drops of blood surrounding the cars.

After a few minutes, Ryan looks out his side mirror, looks back up at the road, and then just as quickly looks back out his window.

"Holy. Crap. That thing is huge!"

I look out his window and do a double take too.

When I almost hit a stationary Volks Wagon, I put some of my attention back on the road, even though my jaw is still hanging low.

It's maybe as tall as a ten story building, and that's only from the feet to the base of it's neck. And the neck... It adds maybe another ten to fifteen stories. It has bluish, leathery-looking scales, and it's eyes look black. But then again, I am maybe a mile away.

"What was that thing?" I ask, almost panicked.

"No clue. It looks like its eating the leaves on the trees though, so I wouldn't worry too much," Ryan says calmly.

"I'm sure..."

I glance back at it in the rear view mirror. Rex, who I though we'd left far behind, appeared out of the blue and attacked the vegetarian-like creature.

"Now I would worry," Ryan yells.

I stepped on the gas peddle harder, and now we were goin' about 120 mph, instead of the 60 we'd been going before.

Currently, though, Rex is preoccupied with the other dinosaur.

I take the first exit I see and get off the highway, taking back roads and staying out of the open.

"Good idea," Ryan says, gulping.

I slow down back to 75. A few times, we passed some Jacks eating dear. I was starting to feel sick to my stomach.

"What's the nearest city?" I ask.

Ryan searches the glove box and pulls out of a map.

"We took exit 95, right?"

I nod.

"Um... Wynn, I think."

"Okay... I really hope there's people there."

The End

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