Friend or Foe?

It's incredibly silent, and my ears start ringing.

We peer into the windows of the sleek black Mercedes cautiously. It's empty. We check the store next.

From what we can tell, it's empty to. Or so we think. Until we hear rustling in the back. Ryan takes up a shotgun, and I arm myself with the silver dagger I'd gotten yesterday.

"Stay here," Ryan whispers, awkwardly putting his arm around my shoulder for a hug.

"No!" I yell quietly. I try to say more, but Ryan just shakes his head.

"Stay here," he says again.

"Who's there?" a timid voice calls.

"It's okay. We aren't going to hurt you. You can come out," I say before Ryan can do anything else.

"The question is, who are you?" Ryan says, glaring at me.

"My name is John," says a boy of about sixteen, emerging from an aisle in back.

"Now, you answer me."

"I'm Felicia, and this is Ryan. We haven't met any living people yet, so this is kind of a shock. We thought everyone was dead," I say, and Ryan glares at me again.

"I haven't seen anything except those monsters," John says, shuddering.

"Oh, I've killed a few of those. But there's bigger problems than the Jacks."

As if to support Ryan's statement, Rex roars in the distance.

"What was that. And what are Jacks?"

"What you just heard was something resembling a Tyrannosaurus Rex, only bigger. And what you've seen and miraculously escaped are what we've been calling Jacks." Ryan explained.

"Right," John says slowly, making the word sound like several syllables.

"So, if we get into a scary situation, you're not going to turn on us to save yourself, are you? In the end, will you be friend or foe?" I ask, glancing sideways at Ryan.

He's rolling his eyes.

"Friend. I've seen too much death already," John says, his voice cracking in the last part.

"Me too," Ryan and I say together.

"So, is that your Mercedes out there?" Ryan asks, pointing with his thumb to the parking lot.

"Yeah... Well, it was my sister's but..." he trails off.

"Where is she?" I asked, forgetting that this may be a personal topic for John.

"The Jacks got her. She died saving me." His head was hung low, and a single tear dropped to the floor. Without thinking, I reached out and hugged him.

Ryan looks stunned, and it's obvious that John's taken aback. I admit, I am too.

"Sorry. Feminine impulse," I say, stepping back awkwardly and clearing my throat.

I leave John and Ryan to gawk at each other in silence, and wander down the aisles, searching for some more guns and other various weapons.

After a few minutes, I look up and ask Ryan, "Hey, did we have the PSE Sequoia or the PSE Blackhawk?"

Ryan gapes at me, probably thinking I should be placed in an asylum. "How do you know the names?"

"The labels are right here," I say, holding one up for him to see.

"Oh. Grab 'em both."

The End

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