Rex is on his feet, shaking his head wildly in pain, anger, and frustration. With any luck, he's completely blind in his right eye. So, if we need to run, we'll stick to its right and he won't be able to see us.

Ryan looks at me with a smile on his gorgeous face. But when Rex roars with all his might, his face of accomplishment vanishes and is replaced by one of panic.

I'm sure my face is a mirror image.


"Got that right," Ryan says, and together we take off running like our life depends on it. And at present, it does.

I force myself to keep looking forward... I will not look back. I will not look back. I will not--------

I look back and to my horror, Rex is looking right at me with his single eye. With another roar, he charges.

I grab Ryan's arm and veer to the right, hoping that Rex will lose sight of us. It doesn't work exactly as planned.

Rex turns his head but is unable to turn to follow us, and trips over the storage building, setting off some of the grenades and injuring himself further.

I try hard not to giggle, but it's hard.

Yes, I know. I'm running for my life, and laughing at the same time.

Ryan glances over at me, clearly wondering if I'm insane.

"I doubt we'll have enough time to get into the bus and start it up. We'll have to try to outrun him on the highway, hope we lose him in town, and get back to the gun store, getting more guns. Then we'll get another car," Ryan shouts as we simultaneously jump over a log like it's a hurdle on a Track.

Rex is still back at the storage unit investigating the grenade attack; meanwhile, Ryan and I are now about a quarter mile away. With as big as he is, though, Rex is still insight, looking as if he's only eight feet tall standing next to us.

His piercing roar sounds, vibrating the ground under foot.

The End

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