Eye-Eye, Captain

Ryan is putting together a little contraption made out of random crap.  It looks like a bow.  But a really big bow.  I'm not sure how exactly he did it, but it looks like he could actually use it.

"Is Rex still out there?"  Ryan asks, tying some string to the end.

I glance outside.  The beast is stretched out on the pile of bones from yesterday's slaughter, sleeping the day away.

"Yeah.  He's sleeping."

"Good.  Hold this for me."  He hands me a roll of duct tape.  Then, just as quickly, he takes it back.

"Jeez.  What is that?"

"No clue.  But I figured if I tried hard enough I could make something useful."

"Is it a bow?"

"Kind of."

"Why would you make a bow if we have guns?"

"Because I'm crazy like that.  Now get me the biggest knife we have."

I look through the collection of knives.  There's a short, fat one and a long skinny one that seem to be the biggest two.  I choose the first one and bring it to Ryan.  He shakes his head, "Don't we have one that's thinner?"  I sigh and bring him the other one.

"Thank you very much."  He smiles at me and my heart skips a beat.  Or fifty.

When he is finally finished with his watcha-ma-call-it he presents it to me.  Along with the bow is a long arrow, made of scrap wood and the knife.

"Ta da!"  He's grinning ear to ear.

I take one look at the bow and say, "What the heck it is?"

"I call it Eye-Eye, Captain."  He tests the strings in his fingers.

"Why?"  I can't help but thinking the bow is a piece of crap.

He smirks, "You'll see.  Come on."  He walks right out into the lot with the weapon and continues on to the fence.  He's just a few yards from the slumbering giant.

"Ryan!"  I say in a loud whisper, "Are you crazy?"

He smirks, "Yes I am."

He aims the end of the arrow through the fence's links at the beast.  Pulls back on the string.  Lets go.

Rex is back on his feet in the amount of time it takes to blink, and he screeches like a wild cat.  The arrow's end sticks out of Rex's right eye, making it bleed and turn red.

"Eye-Eye, Captain.  I shot Rex."

The End

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