Happy Thoughts, Happy Thoughts...

My eyes go wide, and I completely freeze up. My brain won't even work to keep me breathing... I have to do that manually, and right now, all my attention is focused on the window.

A huge yellow eye is peering inside. It can only be Rex's.

The eye itself is bigger than the window. The pupil was the size of your average laptop screen.

"The moment it moves away, we'll take cover. But if we move, it will think we're food, which in his case we are, and it will chomp us to pieces." Ryan says cheerfully.

All the while, I'm saying, "Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts. This isn't real. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts. I'm not about to die." It blinks lazily and I squeak out one last "happy thoughts".

After what seems like days, Rex moves away; I'm still so frozen in fear that Ryan has to drag me backwards behind our boxes.

"I don't think your bazooka would work, even if we could find one..." I say sadly, wiping away the tears I hadn't even noticed were leaking from my eyes.

"Felicia, you have to stay positive. You can't give up. You can't give up, Felicia. You're strong. You can make it through this. It's just an over-sized boulder in your path."


I don't really remember falling asleep, but I guess that's what happened, because I woke up next to Ryan, his arms wrapped around me.

It's almost funny. Just three days ago, if I had found myself in this position, I would've grabbed one of the pistols and shot his toe. But now, I'm just glad that he's here, that I'm not alone.

"Ryan?" I ask.

He looks at me sleepily. He's awake, but barely. And then he looks again, and he's wide awake and on alert.

"We're still alive. That's a good thing. Right?" I say, needing the reassurance.

He seems to understand and nods.

We're still alive.

We're still alive.

Me and Ryan... Ryan and I...

We're still alive.

Maybe only by a thread, but that's all that matters.

We are alive.


The End

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