"We should name them.  I mean, the different types of animals."  I suggest.

"I think the man-eating ones should be Jacks," says Ryan.

I raise an eyebrow, "Why Jacks?"

He smiles, "Coach Jack was a butthead.  His bite was worse than his bark, and his bark was terrible."

I laugh, "Ok.  Then they're Jacks.  Now I get to name these."

He laughs with me, "Name away!"

I think for a second.

"Hummers."  And as if to back up my suggestion, a taller one lets out a very loud hummmmmmmm!

"Awesome.  Jacks and hummers."

We laugh, and I feel very happy.  Yeah, we're in a tight situation.  But I just have to be happy when I'm with him.

Suddenly, I'm in his arms, and everything is wonderful.

And, as if Fate herself hates me, that terrible hissing sound breaks through the peace.

"Aww, crap!" Ryan yells.  He picks up his rifle and starts to aim it.

I hold the pistol and wait.  I don't want to start shooting yet.

"Pack of jacks, coming in,"  Ryan mutters over the sound of the hummer's distress calls.  They know the jacks are coming.

Seven of them come out of nowhere.  One looks me right in the eye, but doesn't bother to jump the fence to attack.  It moves in formation with the rest of the pack to surround the herd of hummers.

I watch in terror as they start the slaughter.  The jacks slash at the hummers with teeth and claws, sending blood everywhere.  One by one, the beautiful beasts scream and bleed and die.  Maybe ten are able to leap over the jacks and escape.  The rest are packed closer and killed.

The jacks start to devour their kills when a much more terrible roar shakes the air.

I'd thought the jacks were the most terrifying thing I'd ever see.  I was wrong.  Even they cringe and let out tiny squeeks of fear.  They look at each other and speak.  Not english speaking, but in their own language of growls and hisses and such.  I shiver when I realize each noise is its own word.

But it's nothing compare to what come rushing through the trees.

A huge creature, sleek and black with piercing yellow eyes stands over the slaughter field.  It's twice the hight of the jacks.  It walks on all fours, but has a redish head not unlike the jacks'.  It stands up on its hind legs, roars, and in just a few seconds the thing has killed the jack pack witha swipe of its claws and a snap of its jaws.

Ryan slams the door closed and says, "That's Rex."

The End

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