Another Beast

Ryan picks up a large plastic bag, tearing at the seams from its own weight, from the floor and says, "You want breakfast now?"

I suddenly realize I'm hungry, "Sure, what'd you get?"

He sits down on the floor and I copy, "Well, the closest place is a gas station down the street.  I just grabbed some edible things and some pop.  I don't really know what you like..."

He spreads the contents on the floor and I turn everything over.  There are chips, candy bars, trail mix, beef jerky, gum, paper plates, plastic cups, and--

"How did you know I love Mountain Dew?"  I asked, helping myself to pour a cup of it.

He shrugs and rips open a bag of Doritos, "Lucky guess."

We eat slowly, saving the most food we can.  Ryan got only got enough food for maybe two days and enough soda to last one day if that turned out to be all we drank.

"We can go back tomorrow,"  Ryan assures me, "There's planty of food."

I glare at him, "But also plenty of monsters that will eat us," I grumble.

He sighs.

Huh-huh-hummm, huh-hummmm... Hee-heeeuummm...

"What the heck---?"  Ryan stands up.  The noise starts over again, a mixture of 'hee's and 'huh's and 'hum's.  It's an animal's call.

"Get a gun and we can go check it out," I say, reaching for a pistol.  Ryan grabs a rifle, and we inch over to the back door.

"I'll go first.  If I start shooting, run.  Don't back me up, okay?"


I nod, not planning to obey his command anyways.

He cracks the door open and inch and looks through.  I can't see his face, so I can't tell what he's thinking.  He opens it a little more and I can see the corner of a smile.

"Hey, Felicia, take a look at this."  He opens the door the whole way, and I step beside him.

It's another beast.  But not just one.  There are at least two dozen of them, standing outside the fence and grazing.  They have short bodies with an arched back.  Their necks and legs are long and thin.  It makes them look like they're walking on stilts.

On their long necks sit horse-like heads, with foward-facing orange eyes.  Their ears are large, round, and furry.  I can't tell if they have two ears and four tuffs of hair or six ears. 

 They have to be about four feet at the shoulder, and with their long necks they definitely tower over the dinosaur things.  They walk and graze at the same time, sometimes calling out, Hee--hummmm, heee--heeummm....

"They're herbivores," Ryan points out, "They shouldn't be dangerous."

"Yeah, I hope so.  Where do you think all these animals are coming from?"  My eyes fix on a baby creature, wobbiling around on its legs as if it were a newborn.

"I have no clue."

We stand there for a long while, and I'm wondering how many more types of animals are invading my world.

The End

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