Missing Friends and Shootings

I wake up alone in the box. But I don't realize anything is wrong until I put my head back down and start shivering from the cold.

I shoot up, looking around wildly. Ryan is gone.

"Ryan?" I call out timidly.

No answer. My heart starts pounding, beating and thumping in my throat. The sound of its moist thuds resonating in my ears.

I try to keep my thoughts coherent, try to come up with a plan to find Ryan, but my attempts are as good as useless.

I realize something. The lights are still on. I can actually see where I'm going, unlike last night.

"Ryan?" I say again. Still, nothing.

Then, I hear something. A faint sound of a fence clanging shut. The fence outside...

If it's even possible, I get more tense, more scared. Is it a monster? Will I die?

I figure my best bet is to find a good hiding spot. I scramble towards the far end of the large room, when I remember something.

The guns. They should still be here. I run, as fast as my clumsy feet will carry me, back towards the box.

I sigh in relief and grab a black pistol and a knife, taking cover behind a huge stack of boxes.

I aim the gun towards the door. An idea pops in my head.

I fire. The bullet whizzes out of the barrel and flies at the door.

"HOLY SHIZNITS! Felicia, what the heck do you think you're doing!?"

My eyes go wide and I drop the gun, letting it clatter to the floor.

I run towards hm, and when I get close enough to touch him, I backhand him. And I do it again... And again... And again...

And so on...

"OW! Felicia, what the heck! It's me, Ryan! Ow! Stop!" Ryan screams. All the while, I'm pounding on his arm, probably bruising him.

I don't care though. I'm just so glad to see him. Finally, when I've released all my anger, I wrap my arms around his waist and hug him tight.

Before he can say anything, I pull away from him and scream, "What the heck happened to STICKING TOGETHER!? You scared teh crap out of me! You could have gotten killed! what would I have done then?! I could have gotten killed! What would you have done then? Jeez, Ryan. Don't EVER do that again!" By the time I am done, I am out of breath.

"I'm sorry... I just thought you might want some breakfast," Ryan said sheepishly.

"I do want breakfast; but the next time, you are waking me up and we'll go together."

"I'm sorry, Felicia. Forgive me?"

"Fine, but only because we're stuck together and I don't want to be alone with those dinosaur creature things trying to eat me alive."

After we calm down, well, mostly I calm down, Ryan and I start laughing... It's not hysterical, it's just light-hearted.

I know, I know... How can we laugh in our situation? Well, it's easy when you're with the right person...

The End

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