Boxes Emporium

Ryan cleans up the monster head and dumps it on to the curb. And when he backs the bus up, he goes out of his way to squish the creatures for extra safety measures.

It's almost midnight, and we're still driving around. I can't sleep, and I don't want to sleep. I will never get the creatures face out of my mind.

We were driving through a mostly deserted part of town... Well, it's completely deserted now, but just last week, only a few buildings remained in use out that way.

"What's that up ahead?" I ask Ryan.

"I'm not sure... It looks like a storage place," he answers indecisively.

"Wait... No. I've been here before... when I was seven. My father took me here to get out some of our stuff before they closed down. I forget the name, though. But you're right, it is a storage place."

"You've been here before? So, you know the way around here, then... Is it possible that some people may have left anything here?"

"It's possible, but I doubt it. The most we would find is some old couches, maybe an old fridge."

"Well, we'll take a look anyways..." Ryan said, turning the key and shutting the engine off.

The eerie silence was too much for me.

"I am an excellent cook, thank you very much," I said out of the blue. Ryan looked at me like I was a mental nutcase... He probably wasn't too far off the mark.

"And I can shoot guns..."

"Then why didn't you shoot those things to bits with me?" Ryan says.

"I don't know... I was scared. And, the one time was with a Nerf Gun, but it's still the same concept, I guess. And I hit my target." I continued.

"I remember... Wait... Your target was my eye?"

"No, it was just you in general. But I got you, all the same," I said, still trying to recover from my hysterics.

"I see. So, how do we get in?" Ryan asked, stopping at the "Do Not Enter" sign.

"Um... We open the door," I said... Leave it to Ryan to try and think about sneaking in through the roof when the front door is unlocked.

The sky was growing darker quickly. Already, it was a deep blue, and the sun was long gone.

The rising moon cast ugly shadows.

I opened the door and stepped inside, trying to remember where the light switch was.

Ryan pulled out a flash light and shined it around the room, illuminating certain spots like a spot light.

Meanwhile, I was stumbling along the wall for a light switch, stubbing my toes on boxes. I was really thankful for leaving my flip flops at home and wearing tennis shoes.

Finally, I found it, and flipped the switch. When I turned though, I ran into a stack of boxes that toppled over, burying me alive... Well, not quite literately, but I was completely submerged under boxes.

"Are you alright?" Ryan asked, and I could tell that he was trying really hard not to laugh... I didn't blame him.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Come help me up," I ordered.

Finally, ten minutes later, I saw Ryan's face peering down at me.

"The name of the place is Boxes Emporium. It makes sense, doesn't it?" Ryan said smugly.

"Haha. I'm dying of laughter," I said flatly.

I stood up and looked around. To my great delight, no creepy monster things were lurking around here. At least none that I could see.

The End

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