Ryan's Theory

Ryan doesn't go toward my house when we get back to the highway.

"Where are we going?"  I ask.

"I have an idea.  I think I know what happened to the people on the bus."

I raise an eyebrow, but he doesn't explain.

I play with the knife, slicing the seat leather and trying not to cut myself or look outside.  Past the motor, I hear roaring.  They're out there.  But they're not close enough to shoot.

If they were, I'm sure Ryan would kill them.

"Felicia, look."

He snaps me out of my little happy place and tears my eyes from the strips of leather.

We're back at where the place where we found ourselves all alone.  He points to the road ahead of us, and there's blood on the road and backpacks and clothing and (oh mercy!) bones scattered.

"I think I know what happened to them."

"You mean they ate everyone?" I say, not believing it.

"It's my best guess.  The windows were all wide open, except for the two closest to me and the three near you.  They must have pulled everyone through the windows, but they couldn't get to us.

I almost laugh, "Then why didn't we notice?"

"Well, I think you had your iPod on, so you didn't hear anything.  Maybe you were spacing out too.  And I know I had my MP3 going while I was studying for English.  So I didn't hear or see anything."

"What about blood? Shouldn't there be blood on the seats?"  I start looking at the seats.

Sure enough, there it is.  Little spots all over the dark red leather, hidden by the similar colors.  Flecks were also on the window glass and sides of the metal.

"They ambused the bus!"  I scream.

"That's my theory," Ryan says gravely, "We need to keep the windows all closed."

I wipe the sweat off my face, "So it's get cooked or get killed."

"Pretty much."

"But, wait, I was looking out the window!  Those things are huge!  Why didn't I see them?"

Ryan's looking out the back window. There's a pair of those beasts on the road, sniffing the air and looking at the bus..remembering their last slaughter.

They exchange a couple growls to each other, and being running at the bus.  When they run, they get so low to the ground it's hard to believe they can go so fast.

I'm frozen to the spot, watching in horrible terror.  Ryan and I are going to die.

Ryan shoves me backwards on the nearest seat and darts to the emergency exit door.  He throws it open and BANG!  One of the beasts screams and falls to the hot asphalt, thrashing on the ground.  He shot it in the thigh, so it's not going to die just yet.

The other one, is quicker.  It comes faster, and Ryan can't shoot it.  It gets its head inside of the bus, and Ryan jumps back.  I scream as it climbs into the bus and eyes Ryan with an intellegent hatred.  The eyes show so clearly that this beast can think.

It takes up a quarter of the bus with its tail hanging outside the door.  Ryan backs up.

"Get under the seat, Felicia."

I obey, and crawl under the seats.  All Ican see is the talons of the creature and Ryan's sneakers and chewed gum under the seats.

My heart is beating so loudly I'm sure the beast must hear it.  But, as far as I can see, it's only looking around.  Not going after either of us.

A deep growl emits from the beast's throat.  Ryan steps back again.


The creature doesn't even scream like the other two.  It hits the floor. It's head lands right next to my face, and I scream like crazy.

I don't scream because of a terrible yellow eye.

I scream because all that's left of the animal is its bottom jaw.

Ryan blew its head off.

The End

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