I follow Ryan mindlessly around the store, completely numb.  I stare at the mounted animal heads on the walls while he sizes up the right guns.  I don't know anything about guns anyways.  It's better he does it.

He gets several large guns, a couple hand guns, traps that chomp on your leg with sharp teeth when you step on them, and various knives and blades, and stashes them in a large leather bag.

"Are you good with any kind of weapon?" he asks, running his hands down the wood of a bow.

"Not really.  I did archery at camp once, but sucked at it.  They kicked me out of that class after the first couple days."

He laughs, despite the situation, "Figures.  You're very needy, aren't you?"


"You need someone to do everything... drive, cook, shoot monsters."

"That's not true!"  I yell, "I can do a lot of things!"

"Name one thing that helps us."  He puts the bow down and tests another's bowstring.

"Umm...  I can..."  Any ability I have escapes me.

"See what I mean?  Don't worry, I don't mind carrying your weight."

"Hey, wait!  I took a first aid class once!"

Ryan's face goes pale, "Let's hope you don't need to use that skill, Felicia."

My stomach turns.  The girl returns in my  mind.  I can't help but turn around and spit up some food.

"I feel the same," Ryan mutters, "Let's go."

I stop at the register to pay, but I feel silly immediately.  No one is going to care if we take these guns.  No one is going to care if we pay.

I can't help but feel safer back on the bus, with a new silver knife clipped to my belt loop.

The End

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