My whole body freezes up.  The only part of me still alive is my heart, beating like an antelope's after being chased by a lion.

"Felicia!"  Ryan's voice is distant, "Felicia, what are you doing?!"

I'm too in shock to respond.  My eyes stay locked with the girl's. 

"Oh my gosh..."  Ryan is suddenly standing next to me.

I look at him, and my mind is numb.

"Hey, hey," I say, breathless, eyes wide, "Hey Ryan guess what!"  I'm laughing, I'm having hysterics.

"What?"  he looks at me, concerned.

I laugh a bit more, "They-they're gone... Haha... all gone... They're dead!"  My little chuckles turn to tears, and still my mind is numb.  I'm not thinking.  Everything I do is on its own accord.

"Felicia, are you alright?"  he puts his hand on my shoulder.

"Oh, haha, yeah... I'm great... haha... guess what..."


"She's dead!"  It hits me again.  I start screaming and crying.  Ryan puts his arm around me, "Felicia, please, let's go back to the bus.  We can't be out here."

He leads me blindly back to the bus.  I'm crying and laughing and screaming.  In the distance I hear the bus start up again.  I let myself look out the window.

Standing over the dead girl is another beast with blood on its snout.

The End

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