We bypassed the corner and hung a right, and I stopped in my tracks. It wasn't there anymore. It moved. Oh, god; it could be anywhere now, planning an attack on us! I check the other aisle with the same results.

   It isn't here anymore. I hear a mechanical like noise approach me from behind, and turn expecting to see Ryan. He isn't there. I get the sudden feeling of déjà vu. He is beside me, not behind me, I realize. I look down and yelp in surprise. Ryan turns and yells, too, and then he laughs.

   "It's just a silly toy. I can't believe you were afraid of this," he scoffs. He was right.

   Standing with it's head no more than a foot off of the ground, a brown and fuzzy dog toy is wagging its tail and walking around like a zombie. So, I was only a little right about the zombies waiting in here to ambush us. I just wasn't counting on it being a toy dog.

   I glare at him and say, "You would have been scared too if you were stuck with an idiot at Wal-Mart who suddenly disappears, only to scare you out of your skin screaming 'Bananas', and your hearts already racing, and you go storming off on your own, and your nerves are shaken because you seem to be one of only two people on the planet!"  I stop and take a breath so I can continue. "And--" but Ryan doesn't let me finish.

   "Felicia. Calm down," he's holding my shoulders with a firm grip, and his eyes are now at my level; his face is inches away from mine, our noses are almost touching. My breath is caught in my throat, and it won't go anywhere.

   His eyes are so blue, like the stone Lapis lazuli, with flecks of green, like an oak leaf in the summer sun, hidden in them. I never noticed this. Not once. Suddenly uncomfortable, I side step and remove myself from his grasp, clearing my throat. We simultaneously look down at our shoes, and for a long time, we don't say anything. This is awkward.

   "We should go now," Ryan says quietly, and he grabs my hand and pulls me out of the store.

The End

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