I'm looking at Wal-Mart's collection of books, thinking about just grabbing one-- for the road, ya know? But I don't. I turn, expecting to see Ryan's face a foot above my head, but he's not there. Oh God.

   Did he disappear too? Oh no. Despite the fact the I hate Ryan, I'm suddenly terrified of being left alone on a planet with no people on it. I would go insane. Literately. Oh, god; oh, god; oh god!

   "Bananas!" I hear a voice. And then laughter, and a loud crash.What the-- "Felicia, come here. I'm in the aisle with bananas in it," I hear Ryan's voice yell.

   I sigh in relief. Good. I'm not alone, though now that I think about it, I don't think it would be too much different. And then I take off running through the aisles of Wal-Mart, looking for the bananas. I am so going to kill him so hard until he's dead! That does not make sense, but I really don't care.

   "Ryan!" I shout back. I hear his laughing again, and I come screeching around a corner. "Don't you dare do that again! You stupid baffoon!" I yell at him, throwing a banana at his head to release my anger.

   "Ouch. Wha--"

   "What happened to 'we need to stay together'?" I shout at him, making my voice very low to imitate him.

   I really don't know what kind of response I was expecting from him, but it certainly was not for him to bust into laughter, clutching at his sides, and eventually gasp for air.

   I stand, openly gaping at what a moron he is. I close my mouth after realizing my jaw had dropped without my consent. I storm away from him, carelessly heading for the toy department.

   I round a corner and scream at what's in front of me.

   "Felicia?" Ryan's voice calls from the fruit section. I'm too terrified to move until the thing stirs another time. I scream once more, and take off running again. And then, somehow, I'm falling backwards, hitting the hard tiled floor.

   I ran into Ryan, hitting my head in the process, and fell on to the floor. He, though, remained upright, staring at me to make sure I'm okay.

   "What happened?" He asked helping me up.

   "I don't know. I was walking and I rounded a corner, and there was something there, and it moved, and I screamed and started running," I told him breathlessly. My thoughts were barely coherent, and I was surprised I was speaking in a way that actually may have made sense if I hadn't said it so fast.

   "Okay. Where were you at?" He asked me calmly.

   How could he be moron one moment, and serious and business-like the next? It didn't make sense-- well, not to me anyway. I started thinking about different possibilities, ruling them out one by one. So far, I had come up with: possessed, abducted and returned in a nano-second by aliens , or maybe he was bipolar. Any one of them was possible, wasn't it?

   I was jolted out of my thoughts when Ryan started shaking my shoulders and waving his hand in my face, repeatedly saying my name. Woops.


   "Where were you at when you saw it?" he repeated the question I'd never heard.

   "Um..." I thought for a moment and answered him. "The toy department." He grabbed my wrist and started walking in the direction I pointed in.

   "It was the second aisle," I stated shakily.

The End

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