For the next few minutes, Ryan messes with the bus, making it stop and go.  Finally, he gets it that I don't want to be stuck here any longer.

I guess he does have his licence, because he gets the bus to go smoothly down the road.

I want so badly to give him the silent treatment, but being in the dark just won't work either.  "Where are we going?" I ask.

He shrugs, as if it didn't matter.

"Well, I was thinking first we could go to Wal-Mart."

"I'm being serious!" I yell.  If he wasn't driving I would slap him across the head.

"Hey, relax! I know you are.  And so am I.  I figure that first we should see if there are people there.  If there are, then we get them to help us.  If there aren't, then we're screwed."

I nod, figuring that he's not all moron after all, "But after that?"

He turns the bus onto a road that will bring us to the highway, "We try Friendly's."

"Why Friendly's?"  I ask, thinking there are bunches of other places that would have a lot of people.

"I'm hungry."  He laughs at himself.

"You are such an idiot!"  This time I do slap him, and the bus swerves.  Ryan fights with the steering wheel to get it to go smooth.

He smirks at me again in the rear-view mirror, "Oh, I know.  But one of us has to wear the smile, right?"

"I would be if you weren't the one I was stuck with!" I snap.

He stops the bus right in the middle of the highway, turns around, and says, "You really have to relax.  I'm not happy about this either.  Could you at least try to be nice to me?"

I groan and sit back on the seat.  It's no use trying.


When we get to Wal-Mart, Ryan parks right up front.   There are cars all over the parking lot, but no people outside.

"Come on.  We gotta stick together," he says as he gets off the bus.

Ryan does have a point, and I reluctantly follow him.

We get inside, and I admit to half-expecting zombies waiting for us.  But still, no one.

Ryan says nothing as he leads me through the aisles.  Shopping carts sit half-full in the middle of the floor and in random places.  I peek in the pet department, and I don't even see fish in the aquariums.  Something is definitely wrong.



The End

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