Can't Go Home

Ryan's trying to act cool.  He sits back on his seat and stretches.

"Well, this is going to suck.  I have football practice tonight."

My jaw drops.  Does he not see that we're stranded in the middle of nowhere?  I glare at him as I get desperate.  I dial every number I have on my phone.  My best friends. My work.  My ex-boyfriend.  The town library.  No one answers.

"Crap." I throw the stupid phone into my backpack and go to the front of the bus.  Ryan gets up and follows me.

"Where are you going?"  he asks.

"Home."  I push the door open and the hot outside air hits me in the face.

"That's an awfully long walk."  He's trying to be nice.

I sigh, "No, but I'm not going to hang around here with you."

I look back up at him from the bottom step.  I'm already sweating from the heat.  Ryan sits in the driver's seat and starts playing with the wheel and stuff.

"What in the world are you doing?"  I snap.

"I'm going to drive this thing home, because I'm not staying out here.  It's flipping hot."  He punches the gas pedal, and I have to grab onto the railing to keep from falling out onto the road.

"What the heck, Ryan?  Are you trying to kill me?"  I yell as I climb back into the bus.

He smirks at me in the mirror.

"I sure am."

I hate him so much right now.


The End

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