I name the creature, Tank. I don't plan on keeping him around for long, just to get me out of the woods. (Both literally and metaphorically.) Nothing gets in his way. Nothing slows him down. He just keeps going.

Unlike the other new animals that have shown up, Tank doesn't seem intellegent. Just a mindless beast. All it takes to keep him moving is a kick in the ribs. Bushes are trampled and small trees fall when they get in his way.

For a while, Jacks followed us. It was a small group, but Tank seemed to not care. He charged through them, scaring me out of my wits, and kept at it. The Jacks couldn't get in front of him without being trampled, and couldn't slow him down enough to attack either of us. Before long, they gave up, chasing after a herd of deer instead. As long as I was on his back, nothing would hurt me.

That is, except Rex.

The End

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