You don't know fear until it looks you in the eye and kisses you on the cheek. In the same way, you don't know what kind of creatures can come from Hell until one arrives and literally swallows your fears for you.

Damn, I should be a poet.

I crawl out of my hiding spot, not believing what is going on. Let's review: Ryan left with Sparky, I tried to follow with a male version of Sparky. That thing left me to fend for myself against two Jacks, which in turn were swallowed alive by a giant metallic snake.

If there's anything worse than that snake out there, shoot me now.

I go the opposite way of the snake. I need shelter, and water. The woods are more or less undergrown. They were cut clean a century ago, and then left to grow back. Young trees, still skinny but strong.

It isn't long until I meet another new animal. It lazily browses the ground, leaving a trail of stripped plants. It is large, about the size of a Shire horse. Its coat is thick like a mammoth's. It snorts and grazes, only gazing at me for a moment. It reminds me of a hornless rhino.  Except its tail drags along the ground.

I go up to it. It doesn't bother running. I figure this thing isn't going to hurt me. It isn't shy or aggressive. I place a hand on its side, and it snorts at me, but that's about it. I climb up onto its back and it lifts its head. Its a crazy idea, but it's all I have at the moment. I press my legs against the beast's sides, grab onto the thick coat, and give it a good kick. Sure enough, it begins to run, charging through the trees.

The End

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