Michael hands us over to a woman with long brown hair, pulled back in a braid.  She introduces herself as Brielle, and we go off.

A large room is our first stop, packed to the walls with cots.  The area is the size of stadium and was obviously meant for basketball games or something.

"The right half is for men, the left for women.   You two will take whichever bed is open on either side.  Not together."

I look up at Ryan, not liking the thought I'll be separated from him.  He smiles at me and takes my hand. It's alright, the gesture says.

Brielle then takes us to a cafeteria.  People stand in long lines waiting for their food, which doesn't smell all that good.  I wrinkle my nose and Ryan laughs at my face.  Brielle doesn't respond to him, but says, "You will report here morning and night if you want to eat.  One serving each, no seconds."


When the tour is finally over, we're left to do what we'd like.  We head to a room that resembles are giant living room, with an oversized TV.  People pack the couches, watching the news.

"...Thanks for that, John.  In other news, another one-hundred and twenty people have been reported missing and fifty others were confirmed dead.  Among them are the victims of a Spaventoso attack..."

At that point, they showed a picture of a creature just like Rex, but with both eyes.  This one was chained down in a massive cage, surrounded by men with heavy guns.

"Scientists still are not sure where these creatures come from, but they insist on keeping this particular one alive.  For research, of course.  They believe there to be several hundred of these animals across the globe."

The huge caged creature shakes its mighty head and lets out a low, mournful sound.  The image on the screen turns to a long row of mysterious animals, all dead and laid out on a blue tarp.  People with gloves poke at them show the audience the traits of the animals.

"As we all know, the Spaventoso isn't the only carnivorous animal here.  There's also Volatore Diossa and the Rapido Uccidere.  For the moment, organizations are offering up massive rewards for the heads of the Rapido Uccidere. Now, if you don't remember what the Rapido Uccidere is, it's the smaller but just as deadly cousin of Spaventoso."

The TV shows are picture of two dead Jacks, then switches to the picture of the head of a bird-like creature like Sparky.  Ryan stiffens up.

"... and recently, a Volatore Diossa attacked the small town of Adair.  No one was killed, but a man was injured and several heads of cattle were killed or stolen.  The animal didn't seem to pose an immediate threat to the people, but authorities are offering up rewards for the creature's head..."

Ryan's jaw is stiff.  He seems to be lost in thought.  Worried.  I try to talk to him, but he shakes me off.

Later that night, with full stomachs and clean clothes, the two of us head off to bed.  Ryan walks me to a cot on the women's side of the room and sits me down.  He holds me for a minute, then kisses me on the cheek, and goes back over to the men's side and lays down.  A hint of worry builds in me, but I shake it off.  We're safe now.

The End

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