Giggles and Squeals

Sparky throws her head between them.  The beast lifts his head back and growls, confused.  Ryan smirks.

Micheal is at a total lost.  Ryan then throws out his two cents, and the two bicker for a second.  Then they come to an agreement: Sparky is to be chained by one leg if Ryan wants to keep her, just far enough for her to not bother the other beast.  Ryan may let her loose for a few hours each day, but they can't go anywhere near the human population.  In return, he and I get to take advantage of the food and shelter they have.

Ryan doesn't like it, and Sparky just about rips his head off she is shackled.  But in the end, Micheal brings us to the settlement.


First things first, Micheal brings us to a bathroom tells us to shower.  Not that bad, right?


"Well, we only have enough hot water  for one of you to take a comfortable shower for about five minutes.  But, the shower we have is large enough for two.  So if you two want..."

My face flushes.  I'm sure I'm the color of a bunch of cherries.  Did this old man really just suggest that?

He says something else, hands us towels, soap, and clean clothes.  Just looking at it all makes my skin itch.  How long have we been without showers? Much, much too long.

Alone, we look at each other.  Ryan makes the first move, "It's your call.  You can have the hot water to yourself if you like."

"But won't you be cold?"

He shrugs, "I can deal with it."

I really don't know what to say.  Then he  says, "I can see you can't make a decision.  What about we just take a quick shower together, but keep our underclothes on? It's nothing we won't see if we had been wearing bathing suits.  Deal?"

That sounds better.  Niether of us freezes, and we get clean after about who-knows-how-long.

So, we strip to our underclothes.  At first, I'm completely shy.  Then I remember that one summer we had both been to the public pool.  I'd worn a bikini, he had swim trunks.  He's right.  It's really nothing more that what either of us had seen before.

The awkwardness wears off, but neither of us make eye contact of speak.  He takes a washcloth, runs it under cold water and and lathers it with the bar of soap.  We take turns with it, scrubbing down.   Then we shampoo, turn on the hot water, and watch the dirty water go down the drain.

The whole thing goes by pretty quick once it's done and over with.  We dry off, and get dressed on opposite sides of the shower curtain.

"Are you dressed?" he calls from the inside of the shower.

"Yeah," I answer, cheeks still red.

He gets out, sparkly clean in fresh jeans and a white t-shirt that's a size too big.  I'm in short-shorts and a pink tank-top.  (They couldn't find anything less revealing?)

Ryan gets that spark in his eye and the corners of his mouth lift, revealing a big goofy grin.

"What?" I squeal, smiling.

"You're hair's all messed up."  He steps toward me and strokes my damp hair.  Then he wraps a hand around the back of my neck and pulls me in a for a kiss.

"What?" I stupidly ask again.

He doesn't say anything, just keeps kissing me.  He puts his other hand around my waist and pulls me closer.  He's never been this affectionate! I wonder if it's because of the shower, or what, but the way he's kissing me isn't hard and eager and full of lust.  It's soft and loving, like he's been waiting forever to do kiss me.  I begin kissing back.

He pulls away for a second and says, "It's been awhile since we've been alone.  I haven't really had the time to kiss you.  I've been dying to."  His hand rests on the side of my face.  He looks intently into my eyes, as if he sees something he can't look away from.  I lean into his hand.

"We can't stay in here that much longer, we should probably go."  I try to turn away and go out the door, but his arms wrap around my waist and he pulls me back into him, nuzzling my neck.  I let out an involuntary squeal of joy.

Ryan lets me go and we walk out.  Micheal waits outside, eying us as if he knew we had done something nasty in there.

"Hey, you can't blame me for being a guy and doing what guys do."  He winks at Micheal, obviously wanting the old man to believe that me and him had done a lot more than kiss.  I giggle girlishly.

Micheal's eyes narrow, "You two better get a hold of yourselves.  I don't appreciate PDA."  The he turns around and waves us forward.  Up next: the grand tour.

The End

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