Central Park Zoo

It takes a little while before anyone trusts Sparky.  Or Ryan, for that matter.

Micheal decides right off that Sparky can't stay anywhere near the population.  We let Lisa and Elizabeth take Joseph before he takes us around some trails hidden by trees, and through a back gate in the zoo.

Sparky stiffens up as we walk past the long-empty cages and enclosures.  She growls quietly.

"Well, your pet won't be too lonely here.  We've managed to capture another of it's kind.  It can live nearby."

Sparky growls again, and Ryan asks, "I will be able to leave her here without her actually being in a cage, right?"

Before Micheal can answer, a deep growl emits from behind the Primate building.  Sparky answers back with a loud, course, call.  She then begins sprinting around the building, with Ryan right behind her.   Micheal and I follow.

Sparky is standing a few feet from a creature somewhat larger than herself.  It's body shape and type are the same, but it is midnight black and instead of a golden crest like Sparky, its crest is neon green.  It has the same bright violet eyes like Sparky.

Sparky is uses caution, raising her crest and wings but holding her head low.  The creature barely responds.  It lies on its side, feet wrapped in heavy chains and wings pinned to its sides with rope.

The beast glances at us humans, then back at Sparky.  It lifts its head and chirps.  Sparky returns the gesture and gets closer to it, and they nuzzle their beaks together.  They exchange small noises, like words, before Sparky turns her head to Micheal and growls.

"Watch your animal, Ryan.  I'm not sure if I can trust her,"  Micheal says, stepping back.

Ryan turns around and nearly spits, "You don't trust her? What the heck do you mean?  You've got one of her kind tried up like a hog and you expect her to be kind to you?"

"I don't want to start a fight with you, young man, but that beast has terrorized our community. "

Ryan shakes his head, disbelief in his eyes, "You know what's wrong? You didn't give him a chance."  The he turns to the beast and strides up to it.

It looks at him, untrusting and growling, but Sparky's purrs relax it.  Ryan runs his hands along the ropes and nods at Sparky.  Then, against Micheal's pleads, Sparky takes the rope in her beak and grinds at it, until it snaps and falls.

The beast shakes its entire body with a sigh, then its wings stretch out.  Ryan has to jump out of the way to avoid being crushed.  The beast flaps them for a moment, lifting its head.

For a second, I believe I see thankfulness in its eyes.  But within a second, the beast opens its beak and lunges at Ryan.

The End

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