Ryan grabs my arm and pulls me inside.  In a matter of seconds, he's got the three others, shoves them into the giant freezer in the back of the store, closes the massive door, and locks it.  Janice bangs from the inside, screaming with fury.

"What about us?" I cry.

"We're going on the roof.  Don't worry about them.  The freezer isn't cold enough to kill them."

He pulls me to the very back of the store, behind the shelves of boxes.  For a second I think we're back in Boxes Emporium.  But we can hear the Jacks tearing through the store, hissing and growling at each other. I can image their piercing yellow eyes glancing down the aisle, looking, with their noses raised, trying to sniff us out.  I shiver.

"Go, Felicia.  Up the ladder."  He puts my hand on an old ladder that stretches to the ceiling.   I climb up, as fast as I can go.

At the top, I throw open a door and climb onto the roof.  Who knows why they installed it, but thank goodness they did.  Ryan is halfway up, scrambling as fast as he can.  A Jack is pacing back and forth at the bottom, unable to climb.  It roars at him as he gets onto the roof with me.

"We're safe." he says

"Tell me again why we're on the roof, Ryan."  I'm at the end of my wits.

"Because Sparky should be coming back.  She'll see us up here, come get us, we'll go get something to kill those Jacks, come back and save Janice and Amy and Joseph."

"How do you know they'll be safe until then?"

"I don't.  But it's better than risking making them climb that ladder.  I know those kids can't climb.  We'd all be down there right down, trying to get them to climb.  Then the Jacks would have gotten us, the kids would've fallen..."  He trails off.

From down below, I hear the most terrible, bloody scream.  Janice.

"Ryan, what happens if Sparky doesn't come?"

"Hope to God she does."

The End

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