Stuck in the pastMature

Ever had a memory you can't forget? something in the past you regreted? something that wont go away... I did. this never helped me get rid of that memory put helped me on the pathway too... i wrote this because i was never able to forget my past things that i wanted to but i couldnt i was...stuck in the past.

I have these memories,
I just cannot forget,
This place where I'm at,
Is full of regrets.

I'm stuck in the past,
No chances I will take,
Can I make my past a history,
And then great things I can make.

If this is the past,
All I see is the beginning,
Is there something I must learn,
Is there something I'm not seeing.

My surrounding surround me,
It's the future I must create,
Then I begin from there,
When my memories and me seperate.

I'm stuck in the past,
Knowhere I can go,
Will somebody shout out,
Can anybody show.

Because I can't let go,
My memories at long last,
Until I can decide,
I'm stuck here in the past.

The End

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