1st Stop Harrods

You, would NOT believe how big Harrods is-- oh yeah, you've probably been. Well It's huge and it has like 5 floors of unbelievably expensive crap. Seriously I pick up a teddy bear from one of the rails and it's 199 pounds!! Not only do I get a feeling of shock from that discovery, I also a get an evil look from the Shop assistant who proceeds to say:

"That is an extremely rare Steiff bear, little girl (oh come on your only like 6 years older than me), touching it could cause devastation."

I walk on.

To be honest I shouldn't of worried about lack of crowds. The whole building was swarming with Christmas shoppers in October. I shuddered to think what it would be like on Christmas Eve. In fact to be honest I didn't really enjoy Harrods that much and everything was so expensive. Plus, all the shoppers were really posh so I decided to bail and head somewhere else. 

I went to MacDonalds first. I wasn't really that hungry but I was cold so I bought a hot chocolate. I sat down in one of the swivel chairs and looked out of the window at all the shops opposite me. There was a Primark, an accountants, a Natwest Oh My God.

Mum's Natwest was opposite me. Thank God, I thought, that it's lunch break. Only Mum always comes in here for her coffee at lunch time and there is a woman in a charcoal grey suit in the queue.

I grab my drink and run, barrel roll across the floor where a man with a Big Mac looks terrified shoot out the door and into the safety of Primark right into the lap of a big beefy security guard.  

"What an earth do you think you're doing young lady (hmm one step up from little girl)? says Beef.

"Umm, I dunno." I mumble feebly.

"And why aren't you in school?"

Oh god, oh god!! 

"I'm on half term." I surprise myself by actually using my brain for once and not just using it as a bean bag. 

"Oh." Says Beef. 

I take this as an opportunity to leave and run out again.

I get to a Bus Stop where I sit down.  My head is pounding, my aspirin's wearing off- this can't get any worse.


"Hi, mum."

Oh yes it can-- it can ALWAYS get worse.  

The End

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