Stuck Between A Rock and a Hard Place:

About a girl (Megan Foxe) who ends up getting sent to America. Little does she know that getting a cold will prevent her from going- for a few days. In these few days she decides to do everything she wanted to do in England before she left!


Chapter 1 - New paths. 

When someone says to you “She’s living on borrowed time” what do you think they mean? That she’s dying of some terminal illness or that she’s going to get murdered or that she’s going to be flown out to some place in America and is only living on borrowed time because she has a cold? Yes you’ve guessed it, that last one is me. I am going to be flown out to some place in America and it’s totally unfair! I am actually technically living here on borrowed time because I’m only going to another country not heaven.


     I just wish that everyone would see how unfair it is. For example Mr Moore’s came up to me in church on Sunday and gave me a grumble. “You don’t know how lucky you are Mildred” (excuse me Mr Moore’s but how exactly did you find out why I was so mopey recently) “so stop looking so mopey and start cheering up”. 

“My name’s Megan” I say for about the 5th hundred time “not Mildred.”

“Well in my day you would have been called Mildred” Mr Moore’s grumbled and then tottered off.


      Everyone seems to think that I’m really lucky that I’m going to some place in America all the popular girls in my class say: “You’re so lucky you’ll get to go to Macey’s and Bloomindales and everything” 

And then the geeks in my class say: “You’re only going because you passed an exam to get into an amazing school because you’re so clever what’s wrong with that?” and I say:

That’s right guys; I passed an exam to get to go to an amazingly geeky school!  I didn’t want to do the exam you know. My aunt (the one who I’ll live with when I go to America) sent it. She lives just down the road from the school that I will now be attending and when she saw how good the results were and how brilliant the school was she knew I’d fit right in. Sure I will Auntie, sure I will.

      I tried and tried to worm my way out of going but all to no avail. It was like pulling teeth with my mother. Every time I thought up a brand new shiny excuse to throw at her, she’d come back with another even better one.


        Eventually Thursday the 22nd of October came and I was sent to my normal English comprehensive for the last time. Halley was in tears by lunchtime. “It’s not fair” she wailed tears streaming down her face “Your mum’s so mean sending you away.”

“Life’s not fair” I replied using one of my mother’s personal favourites.

The truth was the I did really really want to burst into tears crawl up in a corner and sob my heart out, but when you’re 14 and in a school where bullies swarm like flies you really can’t do it. Also I wouldn’t let myself.

   Halley by the way is my best friend; we’ve been through everything together since we were 3 years old. The primary school, the secondary school, the first boyfriend, the first bra, the first (and last) cigarette… everything. It wouldn’t be so bad if I’d only known Halley for a few first years of school but of course I’ve known her far longer than that. I know it’s clichéd but losing her was like losing a part of me.


        And so the end of Thursday drew ever nearer and I was starting to feel really bad. Not just emotionally but physically too. My throat was raw and my head was pounding but I assumed it was because of bottling up the tears. My class didn’t really seem at all phased about my leaving. Half the girls didn’t really like me anyway and boys only tended to come near me to ping Halley’s bra strap or mine.

Now I’m not the shyest person in the world but I really didn’t want there to be much of a fuss made over me so I was quite satisfied. I knew that the slightest thing could tip me over the edge and make me burst into tears. So you can imagine that I wasn’t best pleased when Miss Lawrence (my form tutor) announced to the rest of my form I was leaving on Saturday and this would be my last day here at Rose Academy. Of course then I was bombarded with questions that I didn’t know the answer to, got given hugs by girls who the previous year had called me a boddy neek  and had boys asking me to buy them the latest Nicks (some American football team) strip and send it to them via post. (I didn’t say it but I wasn’t entirely sure if Nicks weren’t just some fictitious American football team off of FRIENDS). However, I still didn’t cry, not until I walked home with Halley did I shed a single tear.

Halley walked me to my door- something she had never done before ever as she lives the complete other side of Wellsville- and hugged me one last time. Then she presented me with a photo in mahogany photo frame with metal butterflies round the edge. The photo was of us two exactly a year ago on Halloween. We’d gone out Trick or treating as auderves to try to be original! I am dressed as a cheese and pineapple cocktail stick and Halley is a voulevant. We look like right nutters but we are still laughing and having a really good time!

At this point I can’t help it I really really really can’t, I burst into tears, every droplet sliding down my nose and on to the photo. Halley squeezes my arm, hugs me tight and then says: “I really couldn’t have asked for a better friend then you,” she smiles though tears are also sliding down her freckled cheeks “keep in touch utter nutter!”

And then she walks away and I follow her curly red hair that I teased her about so much into the distance, my own brunette curly hair blowing in the wind. And then I head inside.

The End

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