Sam - Not Alone

I pulled up sharply outside my flat. 

"If there's one thing I'm happy with, about coming here," I said, patting my car. " Is that I found you, my little beauty." 

I climbed out and banged the door shut. I couldn't believe I'd been stuck here for one year. For one, god-damn year. Stuck in this crazy, parallel world. 

It wasn't like I had much to return to. I hadn't had a family. I hadn't had an house. I had lived in a small flat - like the one I was in now - with my sister, working as a bus driver. But that was beside's the point. I had loved my life. I wanted my life back. 

I'd been running like normal. Just a normal day. I loved to run. I loved the feeling of the wind flying through my hair and the energy it gave me. Then out of no where they had came. Just jumped in front of me, catching me off guard. One knock to the head and I had fell. 

To wake up here.

"Hi Betty." I shouted to my next door neighbour. She was stood just outside of her door and when she heard my voice she turned to me. She didn't reply, but just stared at me as if I was something dangerous. 

I was used to that though. Every day since the year I'd been there, she hadn't said one word. 

I put my key in the door then all of a sudden, I sensed something was different. Something had happened. Something new. Something not  right. I glanced up and saw my bedroom curtain twitch. 

Oh no. Oh no, oh no. Either I was being robbed or... 

I opened the door quickly and stormed up the stairs. Could it be? Sam, calm it. Be careful. But what if?... 

I stopped outside my flat door and placed my ear against it. Faintly I heard somebody moving about, picking things up. Don't get your hopes up Sam. It's probably some dangerous thief. Be careful... 

But imagine if it was someone else. Someone from my world. What if I wasn't alone? Gently I placed my flat key into the door and turned it. Who ever was inside stopped suddenly and I held my breath as I opened the door. 

Stood in the middle of my room, dressed in a proper Eighties' outfit was a young woman. 

"Who are you?" I snapped. "And what the hell, do you think your doing in my flat?" 

She looked lost and opened and closed her mouth like she didn't know what to say.

"I.. I erm. Well, your not going to believe this, but I just woke up here." She muttered. She looked round and then back at me. So she was from my world. So it had started again. I wasn't alone.

"What year is it?" I asked her, dropping to a whisper. I shut my door slowly and moved closer.

"2010" she answered, confused. 

"No. No it's not. It's 1984." I said. I sat down and put my head in my hands. My soft, ginger curls fell about me and I began to slowly breath in and out. Oh my, oh my. 

"1984? What do you mean?" She asked me, confused. Gradually her voice got louder. "Is this some joke? Tell me what's going on here. Where am I?" 

I sat up and looked at her. Really looked at her. She had very dark hair pulled up into a tight bun. The only part of her hair that was free was her thick fringe. Her hazel eyes were framed behind small glasses. She could have been pretty if she didn't look so... harsh. 

"I'm Sam and you've just entered the backwards world." I sighed.



The End

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