A tale of a group of people who slip into a coma. They wake up, but in a different universe. Time works differently there, and it's running out. What can they do to solve the mystery and wake up?


Abbie Kinlen


I walk around the scene. Blood covers the walls and drips down to the floor. Bodies just seem to litter the rooms, lying mingled. Even in death they don't have any dignity.

My first case as a newly trained lawyer. I'm not sure I can stomach much more of the gore.

I wander into the last room. There are footprints, outlined in blood leading to the wardrobe. Slowly, I make my way over to the large wardrobe. My shoes beat against the wooden floor, penetrating the silence like a knife.

 My hands reach out to the handle. I pull it.


* * * * *

I'm running.

I don't know whether it's away or towards something. All I know is if I stop, it stops. Then, a white light appears, and it pierces through me, shards splitting me and unravelling my very being, shattering life and leaving none surviving.

Then I jolt.

A bone shattering wail blocks all sound.  The pain is unbearable.  My side is pulsing, flowing. It's bleeding. I know what's wrong with me now, but I don't want to deal with it.

I let go.

Then I'm running again, into the unknown.

* * * * *

I have to do this.  I need to do this. No!  No!  No!  You can't do that! I stop running.  I can't keep up!  Don't leave me!  No! Why?  What did I ever do to you?  Why?

I pant, harder and harder, but only in my mind.

I can't do this.  It's too hard. I'm about to let go and stop running when I see it.  I see the white light.  It fills me with hope and promise.

I can do it. I am going to do it! I have to do it.

I sprint as quickly as I can, and the light gets bigger!  It gets bigger andbigger and bigger, until I am stood in front of the light.  It is a door, and it is going to lead me to safety.

I reach out in front of me and twist the handle.  I walk through.

My eyes open.

* * * * *

Im in a... flat? Wait. Where am I? I sit up in the bed and look closer at the surroundings.

The room was a pale blue and more tastefully decorated. A window beckoned from the wall, waiting to be opened. I stood up carefully, testing my body and unsure of the next turn my mind would take me round.

I slowly walked towards the window and glimpsed a thin slice of sunlight through the curtains.  My feet fell heavily on the thin fuzzy carpet. My hands ventured out and found their mark.  The sea blue curtains were parted and the sun streamed in.  I had to shield my eyes for a moment or two until my eyes re-adjusted.

Through the window was a whole world.  The sky was a grey-blue colour and cloudless. People were hurriedly jostling past the window in all directions.

There was something wrong.

I looked down at my clothes.  I had an azure blue strapless top on, and an acid wash denim shirt over the top. The cuffs were rolled up to just below my elbows.  A belt was wrapped around waist. I had a pair of plain skinny jeans and some dark blue platform shoes just to top it all off.

I decided just to go along with whatever happened.  I had to find out what the hell I had to get home, wherever home was - that much I knew.

The End

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