You go wash and get dressed.

You remove your pyjamas and take a shower, followed by which you dry yourself, trip over the electric fan in the corner, swear and nurse your bruised little toe. You put some ointment on it which you bought from the chemist and you use your TCP spray-on plaster thing. You get dressed. Your heart sinks when you see the pile of mail you haven't answered. You go out for a nice walk and buy some Mars bars and some Red Bull on the way. When you return home you switch on the news, watch it and drink your Red Bull and eat your chocolate.

However, you get a strong urge to go to the lavatory so you do. You lock the door even though you live alone - just force of habit - and wash your hands, having flushed the chain, used the lavatory paper and all that malarky.

You look in the mirror to see if you've got any spots. It's quite difficult to tell because the mirror's so dirty. Do you

The End

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