Eight years have passed. Stronius is now 26. He started to understand the rivalry between Mt. Magmoria and Forestria. Stronius saw Follo as his arch rival. Follo tried to ignore it. Stronius was ready to burn Forestria down. He had other problems at home as well.

Chapter 10

          Stronius observed his kingdom from the balcony. He appeared older. The flame on his head was weaker, and he had more rocky armor. Zaricha walked out on the balcony.

          “What is it, my love?” asked Zaricha.

          “Oh nothing, just thinking,” replied Stronius.

          “About what?” asked Zaricha.

          “Our kingdom. What if it was an empire? I can take over Ianigaa!” said Stronius.

          “Can we do that?” asked Zaricha.

          “Yes,” said Stronius. “Anything is possible with determination.” Stronius later went to a part of the palace built for military training. A Magmortar was yelling commands. He noticed Stronius.

          “Ten Hut!” yelled the Magmortar. Stronius observed the army at attention.

          “At ease,” said Stronius.

          “Ah, your majesty, what brings you here?” asked the Magmortar.

          “I just wanted to see how your men were doing, Heidlo,” said Stronius. Heidlo was Stronius’ general. He was also Dehmagi’s son.

          “Ah they’re doing great,” said Heidlo.

          “Great, because I have a mission for you,” said Stronius.

          “Really? What is it?!” asked Heidlo.

          “In two days, I want to invade Forestria. I want to make Magmortars rule this universe!” said Stronius.

          “Yes sir!” said Heidlo. “We’ll be ready!”

          “Very good.” Stronius walked out of the training facility. That Friday, Stronius and Heidlo led an invasion towards Forestria. A large group of Forestrian warriors stormed out of the gate to intercept Stronius’ men. The Forestrians were well trained, more than the Magmortars. Then, Follo walked out of the gate to watch his army.

          “Follo…” said Stronius, to himself. The two armies stood silent.

          “Shall I give the orders Stronius?” asked Heidlo.

          “No,” said Stronius. “I’ll do it.” Stronius stared at Follo intensely. “Attack!” yelled Stronius.

          “Stop them!” yelled Follo. The Forestrians and the Magmortars charged at each other. The impressive battle techniques of Forestria superseded the Magmortars. Within an hour, Stronius retreated his army of survivors back to Mt. Magmoria. Heidlo and Stronius had a private meeting.

          “That battle was embarrassing!” said Stronius.

          “Yes, I didn’t know Forestrians had such great battle skills,” said Heidlo.

          “Yes…” Stronius was thinking. “We must be better than them.”

          “Why are we even attacking them? I understand they are our rivals, but what did they do?” asked Heidlo.

          “Nothing” said Stronius.

          “Then why are we attacking them?” asked Heidlo.

          “Because,” replied Stronius. “In my homeland, the Scrap Realm, my father is the emperor of the universe. He passed a law that said only a Magmortar could be the emperor. Magmortars rule that universe completely. Why can’t we rule Ianigaa?”

          “You are the emperor. We will fulfill your dreams as best as we can,” said Heidlo.

          “Very well. I’ll give you two years,” said Stronius. “When I return, I’ll be expecting this army to crush Forestria.” Stronius left the room to spend time with his wife.

Chapter 11

          Eight months later, Stronius started to deal with problems at home. Stronius had the throne, an empress, and a kingdom to rule. However, he was missing something: an heir, a son. There was another problem: Zaricha was Dartazian. Zaricha wanted to start a family as much as Stronius wanted to. Stronius went to Magmor’s Temple. He wanted to see if Dehmagi could solve his dilemma.

          “Ah Stronius,” said Dehmagi. “What can I do for you?”

          “It’s my wife and I,” said Stronius.

          “What’s wrong?” asked Dehmagi.

          “We want to have a child, but there are obvious things holding us back,” replied Stronius.

          “Ah yes,” said Dehmagi.

          “I was wondering if you could help us out?” asked Stronius.

          “Stronius,” said Dehmagi, “let me tell a tale told in both Mt. Magmoria and Forestria. Follow me.” Dehmagi led Stronius to a room where the Lavoras could relax. They sat down, and Dehmagi proceeded to tell Stronius the story.

          “You see, about 650 years ago, our ancestors were enraged by the humans. We launched an assault on the entire country of Goronia. Our first attack was Forestria. A story has been told that took place during this time.

          “The war between the Magmortars and Forestrians grew brutal. A young Magmorian warrior ran away to escape the war. A young Forestrian woman ran away too. They met each other, and they fell in love. Eventually, the couple went to Mt. Magmoria after the war. He became the emperor, with the Forestrian by his side. They wanted to have a child.

          “As you know, Magmortars reproduce by using an Ember Rock. A female carries rocks, and a male carries an ember. When the rock is ignited, it forms into a child.

          “The Magmortar took a leaf from his empress, and fused it with lave to create the rock. Ten months later, a Magmorian child was born. They tried it again, but a Forestrian was born. The Magmortar was mad, and then he threw his wife and Forestrian child over the grating.

          “So we can do the same thing, Stronius, but be cautious. A Dartazian could be born.”

          “I don’t care,” said Stronius, “My wife is Dartazian. That didn’t stop me from marrying her. I will love the child no matter the race.”

          “Very well. Bring Zaricha here tomorrow, and we shall create a rock,” said Dehmagi. Stronius and Zaricha went to the temple the next day.

          “Dehmagi, I have brought Zaricha,” said Stronius.

          “Ah yes,” said Dehmagi. He walked up to Zaricha. “How are you today Zaricha?”

          “Excited to see what is going to happen,” replied Zaricha.

          “Yes well first, we need some of your skin.” Dehmagi pulled out an object with the sharpness of fingernails. He rubbed the object against Zaricha’s skin. He then grabbed some lava, flowing in a pool in the temple. He then placed Zaricha’s skin he rubbed off in the lava, and tightly compressed it. After a while, Dehmagi moved his hand. In the other was a rock.

          “Is that it?” asked Stronius.

          “Yes. Once you ignite this rock, Stronius, it will become your first child,” said Dehmagi.

          “Very well.” Stronius ignited the rock later that day. Then months later, a Magmorian baby boy was born.

          “What shall we call him?” asked Zaricha. Stronius held the baby in his arms.

          “My son,” Stronius said to himself. He looked towards Zaricha. “We shall call him Ackar,” said Stronius.

          “Our son, Ackar. Very well,” said Zaricha. Stronius took Ackar to his room. It was the room Stronius slept in when Serro was still emperor. Inside, sitting on the floor, was the sword and shield he used to fight his father, the Agridar, and me. A stone crib replaced the bed. Stronius put Ackar to bed. He then grabbed the sword and shield. He hung them on the wall in the master bedroom.

          “This empire shall be Ackar’s one day,” said Stronius, as he was looking out the window.

Chapter 12

          Stronius had a son named Ackar. Over in Forestria, Follo had a similar experience. Shortly after Stronius married Zaricha, Follo married a Forestrian aristocrat named Equrade. Around the same time Ackar was born, Equrade gave birth to a Forestrian boy named Vestus.

          Six months later, the two year military deadline was up. Stronius walked into the military facility. Heidlo noticed him.

          “Ten Hut!” yelled Heidlo.

          “At ease,” said Stronius.

          “Is it time?” asked Heidlo.      

          “Yes,” said Stronius. He walked up to a podium. “Two years ago, we tried to invade Forestria. However, we failed miserably. We could not match the might of the Forestrian warriors. But now, we have trained hard!” The troops were getting excited. “We are Magmortars! We are determined! We will crush the Forestrians! We shall rule Ianigaa!”

          “Let’s go men!” yelled Heidlo. The troops marched to Forestria. The warriors walked out to stop them. Heidlo looked at Stronius. “Shall I?”

          “No,” said Stronius. “Let me.” Both the Magmorian and Forestrian troops were ready to fight. Follo stood behind his troops.

          “Shall we charge?” asked a general.

          “No, let Stronius make the call,” said Follo.

          “Crush them!” yelled Stronius. The battle started. The Magmortars charged at the Forestrians. The Forestrians had a taste of their own medicine. The Magmortars’ might greatly surpassed the Forestrians. Follo’s men were dying quickly.

          “My lord!” said the general. “You must flee to your castle.” Just then, a spear flew through the general’s chest. It was thrown by a Magmorian warrior. Follo then fled for the palace.

          “Into Forestria!” yelled Heidlo. The Magmorian troops stormed into Forestria. They destroyed some houses and killed civilians. Stronius called some warriors over.

          “Go into the castle and get her!” Stronius told the warriors. Follo had no choice but to sit on the balcony and watch his people die.

          “Emperor! Emperor!” yelled the Magmortars. “We have her!”

          “Excellent!” said Stronius. The warriors had a box shaped object underneath a cover. Stronius looked up to the balcony. “Follo! Come out to see your kingdom, and what I have for you!”

          “What is it Stronius?” asked Follo, as he was walking towards the edge of the balcony.

          “I have something for you,” said Stronius.


          “A proposition,” said Stronius. The warriors took the cover off the object. It was a cage with Follo’s wife, Equrade, inside. “Here’s my proposition, Follo: If you surrender Forestria to me, I’ll free Equrade. If not, I’ll kill her now. So, Follo, choose which is more important: your kingdom, or your wife?” Follo was stunned. The way Equrade saw it, she was going to die either way. If Follo didn’t surrender, she would be killed by Stronius. If he did surrender, Magmortars would end up killing all the Forestrians. Equrade reached outside of the cage to steal a sword from one of the warriors guarding her cage. The other warriors pulled their swords out.

          “Wait!” yelled Stronius. “Let her be.”

          “You leave my wife alone, Stronius!” yelled Follo. Stronius turned around with his arms up.

          “I’m not touching her,” said Stronius. Behind him, Equrade pulled the sword out.

          “Follo,” said Equrade. “Lead Forestria, always love me, and make Vestus the man you are.” Equrade then stabbed herself in the heart and died.

          “No!” yelled Follo. A fevering anger boiled over in Follo. “Stronius! You will pay for this! I declare war on Mt. Magmoria!”

          “Very well Follo,” said Stronius. “Heidlo.”

          “Yes, Stronius?” asked Heidlo.

          “I think we’ve done enough damage here. Let’s go home,” said Stronius.

          “Very well,” said Heidlo. “Great job men!” Stronius, Heidlo, and the powerful troops went back to Mt. Magmoria, with a victory. On the way home, Stronius started to talk to Heidlo. “Heidlo, I want you to train your men even harder. I know Follo will do the same. We must be prepared.

          “I understand,” said Heidlo. “If we take over Forestria, you will go down in history.

          “Yes, but this war will also be a way to strengthen Mt. Magmoria’s nationalism. If we take over Forestria, Magmortars will surely conquer Ianigaa.”

Chapter 13

          Two years passed. As the war went on, Stronius still had to be a husband and father. By then, Dehmagi created more rocks for Zaricha, and put them in Zaricha. Now, Dehmagi didn’t have to create a rock for every child they wanted. Stronius and Zaricha could create a child on their own.

          Ackar was now 2 years old. He was starting to form rocky armor. Also, he was starting to walk. By Ackar’s second birthday, Stronius started to focus more on his family rather than the war. Fatherly attention from Stronius was crucial to Ackar. Stronius would often play along with Ackar when he played with his toys. Occasionally, Zaricha would walk in Ackar’s room with a happy feeling. She loved the fact the Stronius tried to be close to his son.

          One day, Stronius was in Ackar’s room. Ackar was playing with some toys. Stronius sat on the floor, watching Ackar. “You will someday be the emperor, and you will be a great on.”

          “L-Like you?” stuttered Ackar.

          “Yes, Ackar, just like me,” said Stronius. Zaricha walked into the room.

          “Don’t give him ideas Stronius,” said Zaricha. “He’s only 2.”

          “Yes, I know. He’s a bit too young. I was just talking to my son,” replied Stronius.

          “You seem to be getting along with Ackar,” said Zaricha.

          “Of course, he’s my son,” said Stronius.

          “You make a great father,” said Zaricha.

          “Thank you, but I think we need someone else’s opinion,” said Stronius. “Ackar, what do you think?”

          “Yeah!” said Ackar, excitedly.

          “Well then, it’s official,” said Stronius.

          “So you like having a child?” asked Zaricha.

          “Yes, of course I do,” said Stronius.

          “Good, because you’re going to have another,” said Zaricha. Stronius was motionless.

          “Wait so,” Zaricha interrupted Stronius.

          “We’re going to have another child Stronius,” said Zaricha. Stronius embraced Zaricha.

          “This is great news!” said Stronius. Just then, a guard walked in the room.

          “Your highness, Heidlo wants to see you,” said the guard.

          “Heidlo? Very well,” said Stronius. “I must go.”

          “We’ll be here,” said Zaricha. Stronius smiled and walked to the training facility. Heidlo was standing and watching his men train. Heidlo noticed Stronius.

          “Stronius, I’m glad you’re here,” said Heidlo.

          “This better be important, Heidlo,” said Stronius. “I thought I told you six months ago that you’re in charge, and to not bother me about the war.”

          “You did Stronius, but this is important,” said Heidlo.

          “Well tell me then,” Stronius was getting irritated.

          “Well, I sent some spies over to Forestria shortly after you put me in charge.”


          “And they just returned with Intel that Follo is planning an invasion into Mt. Magmoria.”


          “Yes, and I wanted to tell you so you could hide Zaricha and Ackar and keep them safe.”

          “Yes, but what about everyone else?”

          “I gave the orders a few hours ago to evacuate the people to Magmor’s Temple.”

          “Very good Heidlo.”

          “And they are under my father’s care.”

          “Excellent,” said Stronius. “Well I’m taking over for a minute, Goronia mysteriously called off the guards posted at that gate. So, I want a team of five men posted at that entrance, and another team of five at the entrance of Magmor City.”

          “Very well,” said Heidlo.

          “They are under your command now. I will watch and join in if I need to,” said Stronius.

          “Join in how?” asked Heidlo.

          “Join in as in battling,” said Stronius. Heidlo was shocked.

          “Stronius, I must advise against it,” said Heidlo.

          “And I oppose your pessimistic views towards me battling. If I have to, I will. I’m not going to be the leader that sits back and watches his people shed blood, sweat, and tears for me. I want to share that experience with them. Better to die in the war, than die watching the war.”

          “Very well,” said Heidlo.

          “Now, I must go protect my family.” Stronius walked back to Ackar’s room.

          “Stronius, what did Heidlo want?” asked Zaricha.

          “You two need to hide,” said Stronius.

          “Why?” asked Zaricha.

          “Forestria is going to invade us. There is a room you can hide in. Follow me,” said Stronius. He took them to a room near the center of the palace. Zaricha and Ackar walked into the room.

          “Aren’t you coming in?” asked Zaricha.

          “No, I will open the door when the battle is over,” said Stronius.

          “Wait, are you going to battle?” asked Zaricha.

          “If I have to,” said Stronius. Zaricha ran out and hugged Stronius.

          “You can’t Stronius. What if you die?”

          “Well, just know that I died for you, Ackar, and our new child,” said Stronius. Zaricha looked at the ground in depression. Stronius lifted her head. “Why worry? I’ll be fine. Besides, I have this shoulder armor.” Stronius, and every emperor before him, wore large, rocky shoulder armor to express their regality.

          “Very well,” said Zaricha. Stronius closed the door. Heidlo ran to Stronius.

          “Stronius! Stronius! Forestria is coming! They’ve already blasted through our men posted at the gate and it doesn’t look like the men at the city will hold them back.”

          “Retreat them and get ready to battle,” said Stronius.

          “Yes sir,” said Heidlo. He ran out of the castle. The army was ready to stop Forestria. Stronius looked out a window to see the battle. He noticed that Follo was not there. “Attack!” yelled Heidlo. The battle started. Forestria’s might reminded Stronius of the first attempt to invade Forestria. He felt that he needed to fight. He walked out of the palace with the Power Scepter.

          Stronius gave the Magmortars the advantage. A Forestrian charged at Stronius from behind with a sword. “Stronius!” yelled Heidlo. Stronius hit the Forestrian with his scepter. It knocked the sword out of his hand. Stronius then grabbed the sword and stabbed the Forestrian in the chest, and left the sword in his chest. Another Forestrian got his sword underneath the shoulder armor and sliced a piece of Stronius natural armor off.

          A Magmortar with a piece of armor cut off would be in excruciating pain. Stronius still managed to blast energy at the Forestrian.

          “Stronius!” yelled Heidlo. He ran to Stronius. “What happened?”

          “A Forestrian cut some of my armor off,” said Stronius. Heidlo then helped Stronius to Magmor’s Temple. Dehmagi ran up to them.

          “Stronius? What happened?” asked Dehmagi.

          “Some of his armor was cut off,” said Heidlo.

          “I’ll take care of him. You need to go back and battle,” said Dehmagi.

          “Okay, thank you father,” said Heidlo. He ran out of the temple.

          “First, we must remove your shoulder armor,” said Dehmagi. He took off the armor. “Do you have any armor cover?” This was like a bandage for Magmortars.

          “Yes, Zaricha keeps some in a First Aid kit in the master bedroom.”

          “Okay, stay here,” said Dehmagi. He ran out the temple towards the palace. Heidlo was still battling. While Dehmagi was still in the palace, Heidlo managed to finish the Forestrians. The survivors fled. Dehmagi ran back to the temple. While he was running a Forestrian threw his sword with his last, dying breath.

          “Father!” yelled Heidlo. Dehmagi turned around and the sword stabbed him in the stomach. Dehmagi tell to his knees. “Father, no!” Heidlo ran to Dehmagi.

          “Heidlo,” said Dehmagi, weakly. “Help me pull this sword out.” Heidlo pulled the sword out and threw it.

          “Father, say something,” said Heidlo.

          “Give…Give this to Stronius. He needs it,” said Dehmagi.

          “Okay,” said Heidlo. He grabbed the armor cover. He looked at two soldiers. “You two! Get my father in the palace!”

          “Yes sir!” said the soldiers. They carried Dehmagi into the palace, and Heidlo ran into the temple.

          “Here is the armor cover Stronius,” said Heidlo.

          “Where’s your father?” asked Stronius.

          “A Forestrian stabbed him in the stomach,” said Heidlo, as he was putting the armor cover on.

          “What?” asked Stronius.        

          “I had some men carry him to the palace,” said Heidlo. He ran out of the temple. Stronius followed him, as he was putting his shoulder armor back on.

          Later that night, Stronius stood outside the room Dehmagi was in, Heidlo walked out of the room, looking very sad. “He wishes to see you,” said Heidlo.

          “Okay,” said Stronius. He walked in the room. Inside was Dehmagi laying on a bed. He had armor cover over his stomach.

          “Ah Stronius,” said Dehmagi.

          “So are you going to be okay?” asked Stronius.

          “No. I am slowly dying Stronius.”

          “Well, I never had a normal conversation with you,” said Stronius. “What inspired you to be a Lavora?”

          “My father, Wardon,” said Dehmagi.


          “Yes. He was the head Lavora. Shortly after I finished my training, my father retired, and the Lavoras chose me to be the new head Lavora. My best friend, Romalii, became a Lavora. He is still a Lavora.”

          “So does that mean a new Lavora will be selected?”

          “Yes. My grandson will become a Lavora,” said Dehmagi.

          “Okay, but what will happen with you gone?”

          “Don’t worry Stronius. You’ll be fine. You are the best emperor I have ever seen,” said Dehmagi.

          “Thank you Dehmagi,” said Stronius. Dehmagi died later that night. Romalii became the new head Lavora, and Dehmagi’s grandson became the Lavora replacement.

10 months later, Zaricha gave birth to another child. “So?” asked Stronius.

“It’s a boy, but there’s something you need to know,” said Zaricha. Stronius looked at his new son.

“He’s a Dartazian,” said Stronius.

“Yes,” said Zaricha.

“Don’t worry, I’ll love him as much as I love Ackar,” said Stronius.

“Good. Now, what shall we call him?” asked Zaricha. Stronius looked at his son.

          “We shall call him Wardon,” said Stronius.

          “Our second son, Wardon. Where did you get that name?”

          “Dehmagi’s father’s name is Wardon,” said Stronius,

          “You still miss him don’t you?”

          “Yes,” said Stronius.

          “It will be fine, my love. I’m sure Dehmagi would want you to move on,” said Zaricha.

          “You’re right. I will!” said Stronius.


Chapter 14

          3 years passed. Shortly after Wardon was born, Stronius turned his attention back to the war. The Magmortars started to lose their advantage over Forestria. Stronius was starting to question some things. The biggest concern was ‘where did the Goronian guards at the gate go?’ Stronius was in a room with Heidlo inside.

          “Where did the gate go?” asked Stronius.

          “I don’t know,” said Heidlo.

          “Wait a minute,” said Stronius. “Isn’t Mt. Magmoria, and the other kingdoms, all part of Goronia?”

          “What do you mean?” asked Heidlo.

          “Your father once told me that we are all part of the country of Goronia,” said Stronius.

          “Yes, he told me that too. What’s your point?”

          “Goronia called the guards at the gate off. Goronians are cowards. They’re avoiding the war. If we’re a part of Goronia, then shouldn’t Goronia fight in this war?”

          “I suppose so,” said Heidlo.

          “Ready your men! Today, we shall invade Goronia!” said Stronius.

          “Very well,” said Heidlo. Later that day, Stronius and Heidlo went to Goronia, along with an army to invade.

          A guard ran to King Nathaniel III, king of Goronia. “My lord! My lord!” said the guard.

          “What is it?” asked Nathaniel.

          “That Magmortars! They’re invading our kingdom!” said the guard.

          “Don’t worry. The moat should stop them,” said Nathaniel. Just then, some Magmortars threw ropes, with grappling hooks tied to them, towards the top of the drawbridge. The Magmortars then pulled the ropes as hard as they could. They were having difficulty.

          “I must help!” said Stronius. He took a grappling hook from a warrior, and threw it to the drawbridge. He pulled as hard as he could. With Stronius’ strength, the drawbridge’s ropes snapped, and the drawbridge fell down to give Stronius, Heidlo, and the army access to Goronia. They stormed into Goronia.

          “Stop those Magmortars!” yelled Nathaniel. The Goronian warriors charged at the Magmortars. The Goronians were highly trained, even more then Heidlo trained. The Magmortars were dropping like flies.

          “Stronius! We must flee!” said Heidlo.

          “I agree. I think we got out message across,” said Stronius.

          “Retreat!” yelled Heidlo. The Magmortars left with a lot of damage done to Goronia. Stronius left making Nathaniel very angry.

          “I have another plan,” said Stronius.

          “Really? What is it?” asked Heidlo.

          “Let’s end this war,” said Stronius. “We are trying to take over Ianigaa. We’ve spent six years fighting Forestria.

          “Yes we have,” said Heidlo.

          “Ready your men, Heidlo. We are going to crush Forestria for good this Friday!” said Stronius.

          “Excellent!” said Heidlo. That Friday, Stronius’ men charged into Forestria. For the first time, both sides’ might was equal. Stronius had an excellent idea to end the war. He pulled his sword out.

          “Follo! Come fight me!” yelled Stronius. Just then, a blast of green energy came from the palace, and Follo landed in front of Stronius. He was holding a large green scythe covered in a variety of foliage.

          “Very well Stronius,” said Follo.

          “Your weapon intrigues me, Follo,” said Stronius.

          “Ah yes. It is called Forestro’s Scythe,” said Follo. He pulled out a green jewel. “It can utilize the power of this.”

          “Forestro’s Emerald?!” asked Stronius.

          “Yes, very good Stronius,” said Follo. Heidlo noticed Stronius and Follo.

          “Stronius! I brought it!” yelled Heidlo, as he was holding the Power Scepter. Heidlo threw the scepter to Stronius, and he caught the scepter.

          “Well Follo, I see you Forestro’s Scythe, and raise you a Power Scepter!” yelled Stronius, ready to fight Follo. “Also, I have this!” Stronius pulled out my ruby and placed it in the scepter. The scepter started to glow red. Follo placed Forestro’s Emerald in the scythe. It started to glow green. When their weapons clashed, a large burst of energy shot out.

          Follo used the scythe to trip Stronius by grabbing his leg with it. Follo held his scythe back to kill Stronius. Stronius blasted energy at Follo. Stronius then got up, followed by Follo. Follo charged at Stronius. Stronius hit Follo with the scepter, and the emerald flew out of the scythe. Stronius caught the emerald and put it in the scepter.

          Stronius then blasted energy at the ground by Follo. Then, a large group of vines and other plants sprouted up and trapped Follo. Follo used his scythe to cut his way out of the vines. Follo charged at Stronius again. Stronius held his scepter up to block Follo’s swing. He then ripped the scythe out of Follo’s hand and tripped him. Stronius then put his foot on Follo’s chest. Stronius held the scythe up, ready to kill Follo.

          “Stronius!” yelled Heidlo. Stronius turned around. Heidlo was captured by Goronians with a sword held up to his throat. Follo managed to escape from the distracted Stronius, and stole his scythe back.

          “Here’s an idea Stronius: Surrender the entire war to Forestria, and your general shall live. Refuse, and you’ll both die,” said Follo. Stronius ended up surrendering. He felt ashamed the he lost the war. He wouldn’t give up though.

Chapter 15

                The next day, Stronius was very angry at his loss to Follo. He still couldn’t accept the fact that he lost the war. His plans of the takeover of Ianigaa were crushed. He thought deeply in his study. He then thought ‘maybe he can help me.’  Stronius grabbed the Power Scepter and ran to Magmor’s Temple. The hole in the wall Stronius made 16 years ago was still there. He used the scepter to fly down the passage that leads to the altar of the scepter.

          “Kluyi!” yelled Stronius.

          “What is it?” asked Kluyi. He walked out of the shadows. He then noticed Stronius holding the scepter. “Ah, it’s the Magmortar who took that scepter 16 years ago.”

          “Yes, I actually have a question for you,” said Stronius.

          “What is it, Magmortar?” asked Kluyi.

          “First of all, my name is Stronius,” said Stronius.

          “Fine. What is your question, Stronius?” asked Kluyi.

          “Was there more reasoning behind Magmor cursing you? It seems that him cursing you for failing to get the scepter is kind of strange,” said Stronius.

          “Well I told you 16 years ago, but you ignored me, and then you killed me,” said Kluyi.

          “Right…So anyways, what happened?”

          “Well, I already obtained all of the Guardians’ Jewels. All I needed was the Power Scepter, and I could travel to the Guardians’ Universe. Then, I would fight Magmor. However, when I died, that’s when Magmor cursed me,” said Kluyi.

          “So wait, if I have the scepter and all five of the jewels, I can travel to the Guardians’ Universe?” asked Stronius.

          “Yes, that is true,” said Kluyi.

          “Thank you, Kluyi. I must go now.” Stronius then flew back up to his kingdom. He ran to Zaricha.

          “Stronius, what do you want?” asked Zaricha.

          “I know how we can defeat Follo!” said Stronius.

          “I thought you already lost?” asked Zaricha.

          “I did, but I know how to defeat him now!” said Stronius.


          “Well, I’m going to need all 5 of the jewels,” said Stronius. “Can you go to Dartazia to get Dartazo’s Bauxite and Lollu’s Diamond?”

          “Yes, I shall leave tomorrow,” said Zaricha.

          “Okay, and I’m going to Lake Kanii tomorrow to get Kiina’s Sapphire,” said Stronius.

          “But what if you fall in?” asked Zaricha.

          “Don’t worry Zaricha, I have a way around that,” said Stronius.

          “Okay,” said Zaricha.

          The next day, Zaricha left early to Dartazia. Stronius grabbed the Power Scepter and made his way to Lake Kanii. When he made it to the shore, he used the scepter to create a force field around him. He then jumped in the lake. At the bottom was the civilization of the Kaniis. They panicked when they saw Stronius.

          “Where is the sapphire?” asked Stronius.

          “The sapphire is here in peace,” said a Kanii. Stronius blasted energy at him.

          “I’ll ask it again, where is the sapphire?!” He blasted energy at a large building. A hole was created, and it revealed a glass container with Kiina’s sapphire in it. He broke the glass, grabbed the sapphire, and swam back up to the surface. He then made his way back to Mt. Magmoria. Zaricha was already back with the bauxite and diamond in her hands.

          “Here they are,” said Zaricha, rather sadly.

          “Thank you,” said Stronius. “Hey, what’s wrong?” asked Stronius.

          “My…my f-father died,” said Zaricha.

          “What? When?”

          “Two years ago,” said Zaricha.

          “What? How come you weren’t invited to the funeral?” asked Stronius.

          “They were too afraid to come to Mt. Magmoria,” said Zaricha. Stronius hugged his wife.

          “I am sorry, my love. I take the blame,” said Stronius.

          “No don’t do that. Don’t let me stop you, go do whatever you needed to do with the jewels,” said Zaricha.

          “Very well,” said Stronius. He held the scepter high up. The five jewels started to float around Stronius. The scepter then absorbed the jewels. All of the colors of the jewels started to glow around Stronius. The energy intensified, and Stronius swung the scepter. Stronius then disappeared, in fact, he teleported himself to the Guardians’ Universe, my home.

          I stood in a large temple that we Guardians lived in. Stronius ran in the temple.

          “Lord Magmor! I have come to fight you!” said Stronius. I turned to see Stronius eagerly holding the scepter.

          “Stronius? What are you doing? What is the reasoning behind your defiance?”

          “I wish to become the Guardian of Fire! Then, I can defeat Follo!” said Stronius.

          “Stronius,” I said, “this is ridiculous!”

          “No it is not! You will die Magmor! Face Me!” challenged Stronius.

          “Very well, Stronius. However, do note that I will show no mercy!” Even with 16 years passing, Stronius was still the great fighter I battled long ago. I, however, ended the battle when I stole the scepter.

          “No!” yelled Stronius.

          “Now Stronius, I have had enough!” I said. “How dare you defy me! I am the Guardian of Fire, not you! I shall make you what you really are! People see you as a ruthless killer, so be it!” I transformed Stronius. His hands were replaced with large claws. The flame atop his head when out, and a large, flat, layer of rock jetted out from his head. It had some patterns on it. “Now, Stronius, to get rid of these.” I teleported the jewels far across the Multiverse, and I kept the Power Scepter in my universe.

          “No!” yelled Stronius.

          “Now, be gone!” I banished Stronius back to Ianigaa, leaving him to live his life now as an apparent killer. 

The End

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