Chapter 1

          Stronius was the most famous of my people. He has nearly killed me, defied me, betrayed me and has fought for me. He even declared I was his arch enemy. He was born in 745, but the story starts in 763, when he was 18.

          His father was Morrock, the emperor of the Scrap Realm. Stronius was relatively calm. Morrock decided to throw him a large 18thbirthday party. At the party, he was going to announce who would be Morrock’s heir. Stronius was eager to hear his father’s announcement. On the morning of his birthday, Stronius was lying in his bed, slowly waking up.

          “Stronius! Stronius!” yelled a voice, outside his bedroom window. Stronius got up, and looked out the window.

          “Ah, Zenoi” yelled Stronius. Zenoi was Stronius’ best friend. They were around the same age. Stronius met him when they were 4. Zenoi wasn’t a Magmortar. He was part of a race that was once the majority in the Scrap Realm.

          “I’ll be down in a minute,” yelled Stronius. He left his room, and headed for the front gate. As he was running, he was interrupted by a woman named Ammaria.

          “Stronius please stop,” said Ammaria. Stronius halted himself, and turned around.

          “What is it?” asked the young Stronius. “I have to see Zenoi.”

          “You can’t stop for five minutes to talk to your mother?”

          “I suppose, but please make it quick.”

          “I- I just can’t believe my little Stronius is 18, and all grown up.” Yes, even Magmorian mothers were upset when their children were grown up.

          “Yes, I can’t wait for my party, especially when father announces who his heir will be. I hope it’s me.” Ammaria said nothing. Stronius continued to run towards Zenoi on that note. Zenoi was waiting for Stronius in the small town surrounding the palace. Stronius looked around for Zenoi.

          “Stronius!” yelled Zenoi, “over here!” Stronius ran up to Zenoi. “Happy Birthday.”

          “Thank you Zenoi. Are you going to my party tonight?”

          “I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I bet you’re excited to hear who the heir will be.”

          “Oh yes! I hope it’s me.”

          “Hmm…” Zenoi walked to Stronius’ side, staring at the castle.

          “What is it?” asked Stronius.

          Zenoi replied, “I’m imagining Emperor Stronius. It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?”

          “Yes. Yes it does. I promise to you and the rest of the people of the Scrap Realm. I will be the greatest emperor of the Scrap Realm, next to my father, of course.”

          “Zenoi!” called a voice. It was Zenoi’s mother. “Zenoi, it’s time for breakfast!”

          “Okay mother. One minute!” Zenoi looked back at Stronius. “Well I’ll see you tonight, Stronius.”

          “Yes, I look forward to you coming.” Zenoi ran off to his house. Meanwhile, Stronius was standing in front of the palace, admiring his future kingdom.

          A low voice yelling, “Stronius!” interrupted Stronius. It was Morrock.

          “Father,” acknowledged Stronius.

          “Are you excited for you party?” asked Morrock.

          "Very much, father. I’m especially excited for your announcement tonight.” Morrock, like his wife, said nothing after Stronius.

          “Oh dear Magmor!” said Morrock. “It’s time for breakfast.”

          “It is?” asked Stronius.

          “Yes, let’s go to the dining hall.” Morrock walked into the palace. Stronius followed him, back with a confused feeling.

          He thought to himself, ‘Why is it that both mother and father said nothing after I talked about father’s announcement?’ Stronius continued to walk towards the palace.

Chapter 2

          Nightfall was approaching. Morrock had a luncheon with his younger brother, Coardo. It was on the balcony. Morrock and Coardo walked off the balcony, back into the palace. Stronius was walking down the corridor when he noticed his father and uncle. Still being curious about his father’s reaction, Stronius decided to eavesdrop on the conversation.

          All he could hear was Coardo saying, “Oh thank you, brother.” Coardo was shaking hands with Morrock. Morrock turned his brother around, and showed him a sword and shield hanging on the wall. This was a closely guarded, family heirloom.

          Nightfall came. It was time for the party. Everyone in the Scrap Realm came to the party. The party was held in the main square of the town. A large table was in front of the palace. This was where Morrock, Ammaria, Coardo, Stronius and Zenoi ate. Other tables in the middle were used for everyone else. In the back was a large table for gifts for Stronius. There was room for guests to walk and have conversations with other guests.

          Morrock hit a glass with a fork to call everyone’s attention. “Attention everyone! First of all, I want to thank you all for coming. It means a lot to us. Second: Stronius, happy birthday, my son.”

          “Thank you, father,” said Stronius.

          “Your welcome. And lastly, the one thing you’ve all been waiting for: who my heir will be.” Everyone was excited, especially Stronius.

          “Here we go,” Stronius whispered to Zenoi.

          “I have thought long and hard about this decision,” said Morrock. Stronius had a strong grip on the table, ready to stand up and accept the throne. “After careful consideration, I’ve decided to make my heir…” Stronius was practically jumping out of his seat. “…my brother, Coardo.” Morrock saw evil in his son’s eyes. He didn’t want to give Stronius the throne.

          Everyone cheered, except Stronius. He casually walked into the palace. Something snapped in Stronius. Infuriated by his father’s announcement, Stronius grabbed the sword and shield Morrock showed Coardo earlier. He walked back towards the front gate, but was interrupted by Zenoi.

          “Zenoi? What do you want?” asked Stronius.

          “What are you doing Stronius?” asked Zenoi.

          “My father didn’t give me the throne that was rightfully mine!”

          “So what’s with the weapons?”

          “I’m going to teach him a lesson!”

          “You can’t kill you father!”

          “Watch me Zenoi!” Stronius continued to walk towards the gate, but Zenoi stayed in the way.

          “I can’t let you do that!” Zenoi pulled out two swords. Stronius and Zenoi started to battle. Stronius grabbed Zenoi’s shoulder. He then threw Zenoi in front of him, and Stronius stabbed him in the chest. Zenoi fell down on the ground, and Stronius walked outside. Stronius thought Zenoi was dead, but I decided to revive him, however I took him out of the Scrap Realm.

          “Father!” yelled Stronius. “You know I deserve the throne!”

          “Stronius? What are you talking about?”

          “You know I deserve the throne! And now, you will pay!” Stronius challenged his father to a battle. Stronius managed to knock down his father on the ground. Stronius wound up for the final blow, but I stopped him. I travelled to the Scrap Realm.

          “Ah…Lord Magmor,” said Stronius.

          “Stronius!” I said, “You have to stop this nonsense! You are betraying your own people. Do you need the throne so badly that you must kill your father?”

          Stronius glanced at his father, who was nearly dead. Stronius looked back at me and said, “He is not my father.”

          “Stronius, this is crazy. If you’re willing to kill your father for a throne, you obviously don’t deserve to be a ruler.”

          “I am the rightful leader! I’ll do anything to get the throne, even if it means killing you!” Stronius challenged me to a battle. I have to admit it, Stronius is a great fighter. Stronius put me in the same situation he put his father it. My life was in danger. I had to save myself, and my people. I used some of my power to banish Stronius. I sent him to Ianigaa.

          When Stronius made it to Ianigaa, the first thing he saw was the large Mt. Magmoria, the Magmorian Empire in Ianigaa. Stronius saw his prize.

          “If I can’t rule the Scrap Realm,” said Stronius, “I’ll rule Ianigaa!”

Chapter 3

          Stronius started to walk towards Mt. Magmoria. First, he had to go through a small village known as Heatra Village. It was at the base of the volcano. The inhabitants of the village were humans. Stronius had never seen them before.

          They had disgusted looks on their faces. “Ugh, another Magmortar?” said one of them.

          “Careful,” said another. “This one’s carrying weapons.” Stronius ignored them and continued towards the mountain. Two human guards at a gate were in Stronius’ way.

          “Halt, Magmortar!” said one guard. “State your name.”

          “Excuse me?” asked Stronius.

          “You know, for the log book?” replied one guard.

          “Log book?”

          “Just give us your name Magmortar.”

          “Uh, okay. Stronius.” The guards were flipping through a big book full of names. The cover said “Exits.” There was another equally large book that said “Entries.” They flipped through the entire “Exit” book, and seemed confused.

          “When did you leave here?” asked a guard.

          “I never left. I just want to get in.” replied Stronius.

          “You mean you’ve never been in Mt. Magmoria?”

          “Never. Now, can I please get in?”

          “Just one second. We have to talk to Serro,” said one guard. He then walked towards the mountain. The other guard stood at the gate with Stronius.

          “Who’s Serro?” asked Stronius.

          “He’s the emperor of Mt. Magmoria. We don’t have you in our log book, so we don’t know what to do. That’s why we’re getting Serro. He’ll make the call.”

          “I see.” Stronius was still confused as to what the guard was. “What exactly are you?”

          “Excuse me?”

          “Are you a Magmortar, or what?”

          “No. I’m a human. You’ve never seen a human?”

“No, I haven’t.”

          “So you’ve never been to Mt. Magmoria, and you’ve never seen a human? Where exactly are you from?”

          “I’m from the Scrap Realm,” proudly said Stronius.

          “Really?” The guard wasn’t amused. Humans didn’t believe in the multiverse. The guard was having a hard time comprehending what Stronius said.

          The other guard returned with Serro. He was a short, heavyset, Magmortar, but he was very regal looking.

          “Alright,” said Serro. “Where is this mysterious Magmortar?”

          “Here he is, your highness,” said the guard escorting Serro. Serro stood there on the other side of the gate, looking at Stronius.

          “So you must be Serro,” said Stronius.

          “I am. So, you want to come to Mt. Magmoria?” asked Serro, still looking at Stronius.

          “I do,” said Stronius. Serro then noticed Stronius’ weapons.

          “Your weapons tell me a story not of peace,” said Serro. “Can I believe you are entering in a peaceful manner?”

          “Yes, your highness. I only wish to enter your kingdom.”

          “Yes…” Serro was confused. He was trying to imagine how a Magmortar trying to enter wasn’t in the log book. He looked at a guard. “Let him in.” The guards opened the gate. Stronius walked through.

          “Thank you your…” Serro interrupted Stronius.

          “You’re not in the clear, yet,” said Serro.

          “What do you mean?” asked Stronius.

          “Look behind me, Magmortar. As you can see, there are two paths. Both lead to Magmor City, my beloved kingdom. One is infested with deadly beasts. The other path is monster-free. If you can make it through the dangerous trail, I’ll let you in my kingdom.” Serro walked up the safe path. The gate slammed shut behind Stronius. He walked up the beast-infested trail, with a chance of no return.

Chapter 4

          When Stronius started his trek, it seemed calm, but that quickly changed. Stronius had to fight monsters he never saw before. They were widely varied. The beasts got increasingly difficult. The first round was small, dog-like beasts. Next were bigger beasts, but they could dig underground. Flying monsters were added, and then were these monsters that were four legged. However, they were as tall as Stronius. They had very long and sharp teeth. They also had very sharp claws. One of the monsters cut Stronius’ chest with its claws.

          Stronius killed all of the monsters, or so he thought. He continued up the trail, and it seemed that he was home free, but a very large beast blasted through a pile of rocks. This monster looked like the monsters with the sharp claws and teeth, only this one was about 20 times the size of a regular one.

          The battle was on! Stronius vs. the very large beast. The beast took a swing on Stronius with its large claws. It missed Stronius by only a couple feet. The monster picked up its claw, and swung with the other one. Stronius then stabbed the beast in its claw with his sword.

          The monster reacted by screaming, and throwing his claw in the air. The sword was still in his paw, with Stronius still hanging on. The sword and Stronius flew out of the monster’s paw, launching Stronius towards a cliff. The monster looked around for Stronius.

          Stronius ran to the edge, and yelled, “Foul Beast! Your end is near!” The beast turned around to see Stronius. The cliff was so high; the beast had to hang on the edge with its front claws to see Stronius. The monster swung at Stronius. Stronius bounced off of the claw to reach the monster’s head. Stronius then stabbed the monster in the eye. The monster let go of the cliff. Stronius jumped off the monster’s head towards the cliff.

          “Your fate has been sealed!” yelled Stronius. He yelled at the top of his voice as he was running towards the edge of the cliff, ready to end the battle. Stronius jumped off the cliff. The beast noticed Stronius. It grabbed Stronius. Stronius couldn’t escape the monster’s grip. It then swallowed Stronius whole. Stronius landed in the monster’s stomach. Stronius’ rocky body armor protected him from the stomach acid.

          “I need to get out of here,” said Stronius to himself. He looked around, and noticed a half-digested monster. He ran to it, but on the way he tripped and fell down. He noticed that he tripped over a very shiny, red jewel. The tip was imbedded in the monster’s stomach. Stronius pulled it out. The monster screeched in pain. After putting the jewel away, he continued towards the monster. He cut off one of its claws. Stronius then cut off its paw, and all the skin and muscles off of its arm. Stronius then used its veins to tie the bones and claw together. He made a spear. Stronius used his spear and sword to climb up the monster’s throat.

          Stronius jumped up and jabbed the spear into the lining of the monster’s throat. The monster started jumping and screaming in pain. Stronius jabbed his sword in next. He then repeated the process to work his way up the monster’s throat. The monster was still screaming and jumping. The monster ended up blasting through a rock wall. The other side of the wall was the Magmorian crater of the volcano. Inside here, was Magmor City. This is where the Magmorians in Ianigaa lived. The monster destroyed a couple of houses and some shops in the central square.

          Stronius could hear the screams of the Magmorians. He knew he had to kill the monster. When he got to the top of the throat, Stronius climbed up the nasal cavity. Stronius tried to think of how he could kill the monster. As he was thinking, the red jewel Stronius found earlier started to glow. Stronius started to feel power surging through his body. The power burst, and a flaming aurora surrounded Stronius. Using the power, Stronius blasted through the monsters skull. The blast killed the monster. It then fell off the metal grating and fell into the lava pool below. As a way of declaring victory, Stronius threw the spear he made into the pool with the monster. He then turned around, and Serro was standing there in awe.

          “I can’t believe you killed the Agridar,” said Serro.

          “That’s called an Agridar?” asked Stronius.

          “Yes. It’s a legendary beast,” said Serro. “It is said that its killer is as powerful as Magmor.”

          “Really?” Stronius seemed intrigued.

          “Where are you from?” asked Serro.

          “I’m from the Scrap Realm,” replied Stronius.

          “The…The Scrap Realm?!” Serro was surprised. “Stronius, on behalf of my entire kingdom, welcome to Magmor City.”

Chapter 5

          Serro was surprised to find out Stronius was from the Scrap Realm. Serro felt like Stronius was a prophecy. Serro invited Stronius to the royal palace.

          “Here is your room, Stronius,” said Serro. His room was nice looking. The room had a window out looking the entire city.

          “This room is nice, your highness,” said Stronius.

          “Please, Stronius, call me Serro.”

          “Alright, Serro it is.”

          “Yes. Well, I’ll see you in the dining hall in about 15 minutes. See you at dinner Stronius.”

          “Okay, sounds good.” Serro left the room. For the first time, Stronius took his sword and shield off. He laid them on the bed, and gazed out the window. The metal buildings were thriving with Magmorian civilians. The city had a bright, red glow from the lava pool below.

          “My future kingdom,” Stronius said slowly to himself. “Mt. Magmoria will be mine.” A guard knocked on the door.

          “Stronius, the emperor is ready for dinner,” said the guard.

          “I’ll be down in a minute,” replied Stronius. The guard left. Stronius relaxed, left his weapons on the bed, and went down to the dining hall.

          “Ah, Stronius!” Serro got up to greet him. “I bet you have never feasted like this, have you?” asked Serro.

          “Actually, I use to every night,” replied Stronius.

          “What?” Serro was confused.

          “Well, I was the prince of the Scrap Realm,” replied Stronius. “I had a royal feast every night.”

          “Really?” Serro was now very intrigued. “Then tell me, Stronius, how did the prince of the Scrap Realm end up in Ianigaa?”

          “Well, I was banished here to Ianigaa,” said Stronius. He then told Serro his story. Of course, he left out the part where he almost killed his father and me for the throne.

          “I see,” said Serro. “I have also had an interesting journey to where I am today. You see, my father was the emperor before me. I was the youngest in my family. I had two older brothers and a twin sister. My oldest brother was 12 years older than me, and he was going to be my father’s heir.

          “One day, my father decided my fate. He decided I was going to become a Lavora, our religious leaders. My father sent me to Magmor’s Temple. This is where the Lavoras reside. I was supposed to start my 7-year training. I was 8 when I started my training.

          “Three years later, my fate changed. Back in the palace, a rare disease broke out in my old home. When they found out, it was too late. I had no choice but to stay away from the palace and watch my family die. The Lavoras had no choice but to crown me emperor, considering I was the last one alive in my family. I was only 11 when I became the emperor. I’ve been the emperor for 20 years, and the fate of my family still haunts me every night.”

          Stronius was stunned. He tried to lift the depressed mood up by telling some funny stories of his childhood. Serro responded by doing the same thing. Eventually, the feast was over, and Stronius and Serro went to their rooms. However, before Stronius got too far, Serro interrupted him.

          “Now Stronius, the fact that you were not born in this volcano, you must meet with the Lavoras tomorrow. They must decide whether or not you are a Magmortar of peace.”

          “Okay,” said Stronius.

          “Right, well, see you in the morning, Stronius,” said Serro. Stronius went to his room. He moved the sword and shield off the bed, and went to sleep. Finally, after all the things he’s been through.

          “Ah…finally,” said Stronius, “Sweet relaxation.”

Chapter 6

          The next morning, Serro had guards escort Stronius to Magmor’s Temple.

          “There you are,” said a guard.

          “Thank you,” replied Stronius. He walked into the temple. Inside were six Magmortars dressed in long, black robes. A seventh one was dressed in a long, red robe. They were doing some sort of Magmorian prayer. The red robed Lavora noticed Stronius.

          “Who dares disturb the prayer to Lord Magmor?” asked the Lavora, in a low-toned voice.

          “I am Stronius. Serro informed me last night that you had to see me,” replied Stronius.

          “Yes…” the Lavora stepped down the stairs. “You killed the Agridar…correct?”

          “Yes. Serro told me to prove myself worthy of living here,” replied Stronius.

          “Well, Serro should know that’s our responsibility.” The Lavora walked around Stronius, examining him. “Stronius, excuse me for my rudeness. My name is Dehmagi. I am the leader of the Lavoras.”

          “So that’s why you’re wearing a red robe,” said Stronius.

          “Yes…” said Dehmagi. “Stronius, you are not here in peace.” Stronius was motionless. “I can see it in your eyes. I see a thirst for power. However, your lust is different than most. Most people are born with the mentality that they are the divine ruler, but they will never get near a throne. You, however, look as if you got close to becoming a ruler, but were denied it.”

          “How do you know this?” asked Stronius.

          “Like I said earlier,” said Dehmagi. “I can see it in your eyes.” Stronius was nervous as to what was going to happen to him.

          “So, I bet I’m being banished, aren’t I?” asked Stronius. Dehmagi walked around Stronius.

          “That depends, Stronius,” said Dehmagi. “Are you here to become the emperor?”

          “I can’t lie. Yes, I am,” said Stronius.

          “In that case…no. You are not going to be banished,” said Dehmagi.

          “What? I don’t understand,” said Stronius.

          “To tell you the truth, we don’t like Serro,” said Dehmagi. “We find his leadership questionable. Stronius if you can kill Serro; we can make you the new emperor.”

          “But how will the people not get upset when I kill him?” asked Stronius.

          “Stronius,” said Dehmagi. “You forget that we are Lavoras. We are the religious leaders. We can tell the people that Magmor wanted Serro dead. Then, we can crown you emperor.”

          “Okay, so just kill Serro, and I’ll be emperor?” asked Stronius.

          “Well, it won’t be that easy. You’ll need a special weapon,” said Dehmagi.

          “What weapon?”

          “The Power Scepter. Long ago, after Magmor and Forestro ended their feud, the Guardians wanted to create a weapon. A weapon that could utilize the powers of all five guardians. They also created a jewel to house their powers. The jewels were Forestro’s Emerald, Magmor’s Ruby, Kiina’s Sapphire, Dartazo’s Bauxite, and Lollu’s Diamond.”

          Stronius grabbed the red jewel he found earlier. “So is this Magmor’s Ruby?” asked Stronius.

          “Magmor’s Ruby?! Yes, it is, but how did you get it?” asked Dehmagi.

          “I found it in the Agridar’s stomach,” replied Stronius.

          “Well, the Power Scepter can utilize the power of the ruby. That stone contains the power of Lord Magmor himself,” said Dehmagi.

          “Okay, well where is the Power Scepter?” asked Stronius.

          “Well, when the Power Scepter was finished, Magmor offered to hide it in this volcano. When he did that, it was before Magmorians moved to this volcano. Below the grating, there is a cavern. Inside the cavern is a puzzle and maze. At the end of the maze is an altar with the Power Scepter.”

          “Okay, so all I need to do is find the Power Scepter?” asked Stronius.

          “Correct,” said Dehmagi.

          “Okay, then I have to use the Power Scepter to kill Serro,” said Stronius. The Lavoras were motionless. Then, two Magmortars each grabbed one of Stronius’ arms. They turned him around, and there stood Serro.

          “I guess you are not here in a manner of peace,” said Serro. “Now, your punishment. I’m thinking torture.” Serro thought for a minute. “Throw him over.” The guards carried him over to the edge of the metal grating. They then threw him over. He fell to the lava pool below. Stronius then noticed the cavern Dehmagi spoke of. He swam to the cavern.

Chapter 7

          Stronius stood at the end of the cavern. It wasn’t well lit. The lava pool only lit the cavern entrance. Further in, dim torches provided faint lighting in the maze. The flame atop of Stronius’ head provided the most light.

          The maze Dehmagi mentioned was more brain then brawn. To be honest, there were no battles until the very end. Stronius made it to the altar. At the end of the altar was a small set of stairs leading to a pedestal. The Power Scepter was in the pedestal. Stronius walked up to the scepter. He was about to pull the scepter out, but was interrupted.

          “Wait!” yelled a strange voice. Stronius turned around, and noticed a strange, half-decomposed, zombie-like Magmortar. He walked with his back hunched over.

          “Who are you?” asked Stronius.

          “I am Kluyi. I am the guardian of the Power Scepter,” replied the Magmortar.

          “Well with your current state, I don’t see how you could possibly guard this scepter. How did you even become the guardian?” asked Stronius.

          “Well,” said Kluyi. “500 years ago, I was like you: daring, strong, and eager to get the scepter. However, I failed at obtaining the scepter. I was lost in the maze, and eventually, I died of starvation. Magmor cursed me by reviving me to this zombie-like state. I am now supposed to guard the scepter. Even if I die again, I am revived back to this state.” Kluyi kept talking about himself. Meanwhile, Stronius walked to the scepter, and pulled the scepter out.

          “That’s an interesting story, Magmortar.” Stronius then blasted some energy at Kluyi, and killed him. Energy started to glow around Kluyi, and he was revived.

          “See, this is the work of the curse Magmor laid upon me,” said Kluyi. Stronius was getting ready to blast Kluyi again. “Wait! You don’t have to kill me again. You defeated me, so you can use the Power Scepter.”

          “Thank you,” said Stronius. “What is your name again?”

          “Kluyi. I can tell Magmor has done something bad to you as well,” said Kluyi.

          “Yes. Soon, I will make him regret banishing me,” said Stronius. Above the altar was a vertical passageway. Using the Power Scepter, Stronius went up the passageway. The passageway had a dead end. Stronius could hear a low voice speaking a prayer of some sort on the other side of the wall. Stronius knew it was Dehmagi. He used the Power Scepter to break through the wall and interrupted the prayer.

          “Stronius! You’re alive!” excitedly said Dehmagi.

          “Yes, and I have the Power Scepter! Soon, Serro shall feel my wrath!” yelled Stronius. He ran out of Magmor’s temple. The guards noticed Stronius.

          “Stronius! Halt!” yelled a guard. Stronius blasted some energy at the guards.

          “I have come to fight Serro!” yelled Stronius. He ran to the royal palace. “Serro! Show your worth to your people! Fight me, you coward!” Serro walked out of the front doors of the palace. He was holding a sword and shield.

          “Very well Stronius,” said Serro. “You want a fight? Here’s your fight!” Serro held his sword back in a fighting stance. Stronius copied him with the Power Scepter. Serro then charged towards Stronius. He swung his sword at Stronius. Stronius held the scepter up to block Serro’s sword. Stronius then pushed back Serro. Stronius charged up some energy. Serro managed to get out of the way before the power was unleashed. As Serro was getting up, Stronius blasted energy at Serro. Serro was now very weak.

          “Stronius!” yelled a voice. It was Dehmagi. “Use Magmor’s Ruby!” Stronius grabbed my ruby that contained my power. He placed it in a compartment made for the jewels. The scepter started to glow red. Stronius started to charge a flaming aura of power. He blasted a thin, yet powerful, layer of fiery energy at Serro. Thanks to the power, and Stronius’ precision aiming, the layer of energy decapitated Serro. The head fell straight down, and the body fell towards Stronius. Everyone, including Stronius, was motionless for about 5 seconds. Then, the other Magmortars snapped back to reality, and grew angry at Stronius for killing Serro. A guard pulled out his sword. The very large and strong guard pushed Stronius down to the grating. He raised his sword.

          “Wait! Don’t kill him!” yelled Dehmagi. “Stronius just did the bidding of Lord Magmor.” The people were confused. “Magmor didn’t like Serro. He wanted him dead!” The gullible Magmortars believed Dehmagi. The large guard helped Stronius up. Stronius walked over to Dehmagi.

          “Thank…” Stronius was interrupted by Dehmagi.

          “I’m not done yet,” said Dehmagi. Stronius was confused. “Run to the balcony, Stronius. All will be explained.” Stronius ran up to the royal palace balcony. “Everyone head to the balcony,” yelled Dehmagi. Everyone was standing at the bottom of the balcony. Dehmagi and the other Lavoras made their way up to the balcony. Dehmagi was holding a book of Magmorian script, and a large, red, metal box.

          “So, what’s happening?” asked Stronius. Dehmagi ignored him and walked to edge of the balcony. He held up his hand. The crowd became silent.

          “Now that Serro is gone, we need a new emperor,” said Dehmagi. He grabbed the book of prayers. “Stronius place you hand on the book.” Stronius put his hand on the book. “Do you swear, under Lord Magmor’s watch, that you will lead this kingdom to the best of your abilities?”

          “I do,” replied Stronius.

          “Then under the grace of Lord Magmor himself, I, Dehmagi, crown you emperor of Mt. Magmoria.” Dehmagi opened the box. Inside, was a crown of some sort. “This is a ceremonial crown. By putting it on, you accept the responsibility of the emperor.” Stronius grabbed the crown. He walked towards the edge of the balcony. He raised the crown above his head. Then, he slowly paced the crown atop of his head. The crown started to cheer loudly.

          “I, Stronius, am now your emperor!” Stronius held his fist up in a manner of victory. He finally became the emperor. “Now, Magmor, you will regret banishing me.” Stronius said to himself. Stronius walked back into the palace.

          “Congratulations,” said Dehmagi.

          “I owe it all to you,” said Stronius.

          “Just wait until tomorrow,” said Dehmagi.

Chapter 8

          Stronius woke up the next morning in the bed that once belonged to Serro. Stronius got up to look out the window.

          “My kingdom,” said Stronius. Stronius walked out of his bedroom. A guard was standing outside his door.

          “Ah, good morning your highness,” said the guard.

          “Thank you,” said Stronius, still getting use to being an emperor. Stronius continued down the hall. A Magmortar ran up to Stronius.

          “Emperor Stronius!” yelled the Magmorian.

          “What is it?” asked Stronius.

          “Dehmagi is in the dining hall waiting for you,” said the Magmortar. Stronius made his way to the dining hall. There, stood Dehmagi.

          “Ah, Stronius. It must feel good to be the emperor,” said Dehmagi.

          “Oh yes. I have fought hard for this,” replied Stronius.

          “Yes, you have,” said Dehmagi. “Now how about a large breakfast? You have a big day ahead of you.”

          “Yes, breakfast sounds good,” said Stronius.

          “Well…” said Dehmagi. He was waiting for Stronius.

          “What?” asked Stronius.

          “You’re the emperor. You make the call,” said Dehmagi.

          “Oh right,” Stronius walked into the kitchen. “Large breakfast!” said Stronius. As Dehmagi and Stronius were feasting, Dehmagi started to tell Stronius his day ahead.

          “Okay, Stronius. As the new emperor, you will go to the other kingdoms to announce yourself as the new emperor today.”

          “Other kingdoms?” asked Stronius.

          “Oh that’s right; you’re from the Scrap Realm. There are three other kingdoms: Forestrians, Kaniis and Dartazians. You will travel to each kingdom to announce that you are the new emperor,” said Dehmagi.

          “What about the human creatures I saw?” asked Stronius.

          “Oh yes, I completely forgot about them. They are part of the kingdom of Goronia,” said Dehmagi. “Did you notice the large enclosed kingdom when you arrived in Ianigaa?”

“Yes, but I wasn’t sure what to think of it,” replied Stronius.

“Okay, well here’s your order of travels: First you will go to Forestria. Second, will be Lake Kanii. Third will be Goronia, and Dartazia will be your last visit,” said Dehmagi.

“Okay, sounds good,” said Stronius. After the feast, Stronius, Dehmagi, and the other Lavoras, left for their travels. On the way to Forestria, Dehmagi warned Stronius.

“Stronius,” said Dehmagi. “Be cautious here. Forestrians are our arch enemies.”        

“Why?” asked Stronius.

“Magmor was once arch enemies with Forestro, their guardian. We fight them for Magmor’s sake. It may be slightly dangerous, but enter in a peaceful manner, and you should be fine,” said Dehmagi.

“Okay,” replied Stronius. They entered Forestria. Dehmagi did the same process for every kingdom. He would call the crowd’s attention, and then announced Stronius as the emperor. Stronius then gave a speech. After the announcement, Stronius and Dehmagi would meet the ruler of the kingdom.

Stronius and Dehmagi were escorted to the emperor’s room. Inside was a young Forestrian adult. He had very regal-looking clothing made of leaves. He wore a forest green colored helmet with stiffened snake tails on it.

“Ah, you must be Stronius,” said the Forestrian.

“Yes I am, and you are?” asked Stronius.

“I am Follo. I am the emperor of Forestria,” replied the Forestrian. There was an awkward silence, and Stronius and Dehmagi left shortly after. They left for Lake Kanii.

“Now remember Stronius,” said Dehmagi. “Water cools lava. So, beware of falling in the water.” After Stronius’ speech, they left for Goronia. The Kaniis were a race of peace. They believed a ruler went against peace. The Goronians were ambivalent towards Stronius. After a brief meeting with King Nathaniel III, Stronius and Dehmagi left for Dartazia.

“Now tell me about these people, Dehmagi,” said Stronius.

“Very well,” said Dehmagi. “The last kingdom you’re visiting is Dartazia. These people are the closet to humans, in terms of resemblance. However, there are certain characteristics that differentiate them from humans.

“Like what?”

“Well, their skin is so pale; it’s almost a faint grayish color. However, certain spots are covered with black skin. The pattern differs between every Dartazian. Also, Dartazian average height is taller than human height.”


“Dartazians believe in two guardians, Dartazo (Guardian of Darkness) and Lollu. (Guardian of Light) Dartazo and Lollu worked together to end the feud between light and darkness by creating a new race.” After the speech, Stronius and Dehmagi walked into the palace. They were escorted to a room. Inside were two Dartazians, one male and one female. The male wore a black outfit with a long black cape. The female wore a long black gown.

“Ah, Dehmagi!” said the male. “It has been at least 20 years since we last saw you.”

“Ah yes. I remember this. Serro was only 11,” said Dehmagi. The male walked towards Stronius.

“So you must be the new emperor? I’m Zarro, emperor of Dartazia.”

“Stronius,” Stronius shook Zarro’s hand.

“And this is my wife, Zarra,” said Zarro. Zarra got up, and walked towards Stronius.

“It’s great that such a young and strong Magmortar is ruling the volcano,” said Zarra.

“Well, Dehmagi,” said Zarro. “We must catch up.”

“Oh yes,” replied Dehmagi

“Please, you two, sit,” said Zarro.

“Thank you,” said Dehmagi.

          “So Dehmagi, anything new happen to you?” asked Zarro.

          “Not really. The only thing I can say is that Stronius is our new emperor,” replied Dehmagi. “What about you?”

          “Well, the only thing I can think of is that we had a daughter,” said Zarro.

          “What? When did this happen?” asked Dehmagi.

          “She’s about 17 years old right now,” replied Zarro. “Here, I’ll let you meet her.” Zarro got up and opened a door. “Zaricha! Can you come down for a moment?” asked Zarro.

          “Coming father,” Zaricha made her way down to the room everyone was in.

          “Dehmagi, Stronius, I’d like you to meet my daughter, Zaricha,” said Zarro. Stronius was captivated by her beauty. She wore a gown similar to her mother’s, but it had a hood.

          “Well, Dehmagi, would you like to tour our palace?” asked Zarro.

          “Yes please,” Dehmagi got p. He turned back to Stronius, still stunned by Zaricha’s beauty. “Stronius, do you want to come?”

          “Actually, if it’s okay with Zarro, I’d like to stay and chat with someone around my age,” replied Stronius. Both Zarro and Dehmagi got the message.

          “If that is what you wish, Stronius,” said Zarro. Zarro, Zarra and Dehmagi left the room leaving Stronius and Zaricha alone.

          “So you are the new emperor of Mt. Magmoria?” asked Zaricha.

          “Yes I am,” replied Stronius.

          “You must be very religious, spending your time around a Lavora,” said Zaricha.

          “No, I’m not. I don’t base everything I do off of Magmor,” said Stronius.

          “I do too. My father always tells me that I must satisfy Dartazo and Lollu,” said Zaricha.

          “Yes, my father told me all the time that I am a puppet of Magmor,” said Stronius.

          “But I just want to be my own person,” said both Stronius and Zaricha. There was absolute silence for a little while. Dehmagi and Stronius later left for home. On the way home, Dehmagi started to talk to Stronius.

          “Well, I see you like Zaricha,” said Dehmagi.

          “Yes, her beauty is as captivating as the morning sun rising above the volcano’s crater,” said Stronius.

          “Enough for marriage?” asked Dehmagi. Stronius stopped when he heard this. “I’ll give you the night to think.” They entered Mt. Magmoria. Dehmagi went to Magmor’s Temple. Stronius walked to Serro’s head and body. He stared at them for a while. Then, Stronius grabbed Serro’s head, walked to the edge of the grating, and threw the head over. He then walked to a guard at post in front of the palace.

          “When I wake up tomorrow, I want that body gone,” said Stronius.

          “Yes your highness,” replied the guard. Stronius then headed to his bedroom.

Chapter 9

          The next morning, Stronius walked to the temple.

          “Is it possible to marry her?” asked Stronius.

          “Are you considering it?” asked Dehmagi.

          “Well, I’d like to, but something tells me I can’t,” said Stronius.

          “No, you can marry her,” said Dehmagi.

          “What?” Stronius was confused.

          “Dartazians and Magmortars have been close for a long time. However, we are not official political allies,” said Dehmagi. “But we can change that.”

          “Marrying Zaricha?” asked Stronius.

          “Yes. If you marry Zaricha, we can form a political alliance between Dartazia and Mt. Magmoria,” said Dehmagi.

          “Well okay! Let’s go to Dartazia!” excitedly said Stronius.

          “So be it,” said Dehmagi. They later left for Dartazia. They were escorted to the family room in the palace. Inside was Zarro sitting at a table, drinking some Dartazian tea.

          “Ah, Dehmagi, Stronius. What brings you two here?” asked Zarro.

          “Stronius would like to ask you a question,” said Dehmagi.

          “Okay, ask away,” said Zarro.

          “I’d like to ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage,” said Stronius.

          “What?” Zarro was confused.

          “Zarro, Stronius finds your daughter to be beautiful. We have been close for a while. If Stronius marries Zaricha, we form an official political alliance,” said Dehmagi.

          “I see…” Zarro was thinking. “She’s in the courtyard, Stronius. I give you permission.

          “Thank you, Zarro,” said Stronius. A guard showed Stronius to the courtyard. Zaricha was walking through the garden. She stood in front of a large fountain in the center of the garden.

          “Zaricha,” said Stronius. Zaricha slowly turned around.

          “Stronius? You have returned. What brings you back?” asked Zaricha.

          “You…” replied Stronius.

          “What? I am confused,” said Zaricha.

          “Zaricha, we may be different races, but we are more similar than you think,” said Stronius.

          “What is your point, Stronius?” asked Zaricha.

          “Come back to Mt. Magmoria with me. Be my empress,” said Stronius.

          “Demanding things from me shall not work,” said Zaricha.

          “Forgive me,” said Stronius. He got down on one knee. Stronius held Zaricha’s hand tightly. “Zaricha, fate has brought us together, I believe it. I think we should follow fate. Zaricha, princess of Dartazia and an example of Dartazo’s power of creation, will you join me by my side as my bride, my empress, empress of Mt. Magmoria?”

          Meanwhile, Zarra was looking out a window at Stronius’ proposal. She stormed off to Zarro in the family room.

          “Dehmagi,” said Zarra. “Can I talk to my husband privately?”

          “Of course,” Dehmagi walked out of the room, and closed the door.

          “Do you see what that Magmortar’s doing?!” asked Zarra.

          “What Magmortar?” asked Zarro, sarcastically.

          “You know what Magmortar! Stronius! He’s proposing to Zaricha in the courtyard!” said Zarra.

          “I know,” Zarro sipped some of his tea. “I gave him my permission to.” Zarra glared at her husband.

          “You gave him permission to?! What were you thinking?!”

          “She’s 17. I married you when you were 15,” replied Zarro. 

          “But this is different! Stronius is a Magmortar!” yelled Zarra.

          “I don’t care!” yelled Zarro. “I am the emperor, I make the decisions! I decide what’s best for my daughter! She told me last night that she finds Stronius attractive! He asked me this morning for my permission. I told him yes!”

          “She’s my daughter too,” said Zarra. She then stormed off to her room. Back in the courtyard, Zaricha thought hard about Stronius’ proposal.

          “I am not a follower of Dartazo or Lollu,” said Zaricha. “I do what I feel is right for me. I feel that marrying you is what is best for me. I can free myself from my family’s oppression of the guardians.” Stronius stood up.

          “Zaricha, I will prove to you that I will love you forever, no matter what comes towards us,” said Stronius.

          3 months later, Dehmagi married Stronius and his new empress, Zaricha. He then crowned Zaricha the empress.

          “I never thought I would be in Magmor City,” said Zaricha.

          “Now, it is our kingdom to rule,” said Stronius. Zaricha had her first royal Magmorian dinner with Stronius that night. Stronius also told his story to her. She became more and more attracted to him.

          “My kingdom is complete. I now have an empress by my side,” Stronius said to himself. “Now, my kingdom shall become and empire!”

The End

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