Follow the tales of Stronius. In this story, you'll be introduced to a lot interesting characters and unique races such as the Magmortars: a race of people made out of lava and rock. See how one thing completely changed Stronius's life and how other actions consumed him. Hear the story from the unique perspective of Magmor, Stronius' guardian. The story is only mature because of the gory nature of Stronius.


            I am the one who sees it all. I see my creation fight. I see my creations love. I see my creations flourish. I even see my creations betray me. They call me their creator, their lord. I call myself Magmor: The creator of the Magmortars.

          My people started about 8000 years ago. I am a Guardian. We live in our own universe. As time went on, we wanted to create creatures to worship us. The first guardian to create a race was my once arch nemesis, Forestro. He created his Forestrians in a young universe known as Ianigaa. I was jealous. I wanted to make my own race, but I wanted them to be far away from the Forestrians.

          I created my Magmortars in a universe known as Scraparoe, but we called it the Scrap Realm. The other three guardians created their races in Ianigaa as well. Kiina made his peaceful race of the Kaniis. Dartazo and Lollu worked together to create the Dartazians.

          My race was small when it started. They lived in a small volcano. They were a minority in the Scrap Realm. My Magmortars were ridiculed, and they started to isolate themselves from the rest of the universe. I lived with my Magmortars for the first 500 years. However, by the 500thyear, my Magmortars had grown. They were becoming stronger. I left my Magmortars, for I felt they were ready to be on their own.

          My people grew stronger and stronger. They were losing isolation. They started to live with the people in the Scrap Realm. Eventually, they were the majority. In 347 B.C., one of my Magmortars became the emperor of the Scrap Realm. Since then, Magmortars were always the emperors.

          About 70 years later, my people wanted to expand their empire. They went to Ianigaa and created a new Magmorian empire there. As time went on, the two thrones became myths to each other. In the Scrap Realm, people thought the Ianigaa throne was legend, and vice versa for Ianigaa.

          Many years passed. It was now A.D. 745. By then, a Magmortar named Morrock took the throne in the Scrap Realm. He passed a law that said only Magmortars could get the throne. My people had complete control of the Scrap Realm. 745 was the beginning, the beginning of the era of Stronius. 

The End

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