When something bad happens it changes you forever.......

Or so they all say but when something terrible happens to Sam, she refuses to let it engulf her.

In a story of a young girls strength and determination, will the darkness win or will Sam prevail?

Chapter 1

It was dark that night, not a normal kind of dark that comes with the setting or the sun but a darkness that hung heavy with the rank smell of dread. Sam could feel it she knew something bad was going to happen. Coming out tonight had been a mistake. Just how big a mistake Sam was about to realise.

"Stop please" a beg that echoes all around screaming through the empty air. Its a plea that falls on deaf ears. it carries on. i seems never ending....

He continues thrusting the pain rages through Sams body. She refuses to scream, she won't give him the satisfaction of knowing that he is winning, that her soul is slowlly dying inside  of her. Somewhere inside her head Sam knows she will never be the same person again.

The sound of a zip breaks through Sams zombie like demeanor. It's over at last.  But things like that are never really over are they?

This is for life. right?

The End

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