Striking a Match

Okay. So how hard can this be.

I've logged on, Ive uploaded a photo ( the nice one from holidays where I am brown and slim and not too drunk looking).

So what's now..oh yeah the bad part. Money. Hmm..lets thnk about this..can i afford's a few bottles of wine after all. Oh what the heck just go for it.


Okay,so I am now £20.00 the less in my bank account but in return I am a fully paid up member of the internet dating community.

Guess I should tell you why.

Im not young, not old exactly, but not young. Middle aged some may say, in my prime others; my teenage son says Im old. After 17 years I have finally thrown out the lazy, dirty, workshy excuse of a man that I was foolish enough to allow to be my partner and Im starting again.

Except I haven't started. I'm kind of stuck. When I do go out I'm seen as desperate becasue I am forty something and on my own; so i don't go out. I stay in, or I visit all my happily married friends at theor houses.

I'm a lone wolf, the odd one out.,is there hope on the horizon? This internet sight says YES! there are MILLIONS of eligible batchelors out there just dying to meet a woman like me.

So this is the beginning of my new life, I am going to let the internet find me my perfect match. How easy can it be.

All I have to do now is wait.

While I am waiting I'll have a little look. Hmm, okay maybe they get better the deeper you dig. I wonder how honest they are- he doesnt really look 52 thats an eighties hair cut after all. Why no photo? "Good looking male, GSOH" so why hide mate? if you can see me why can't I see you?

What's this? I've had a flirt? How does that work, I need to read the small print. Hang on, here we go, Jabba46 has sent you a flirt. Why thank you kindly Jabba, lets have a look and see what you look like.

Okay, maybe it's a bad picture. Maybe Jabba wasn't a random guess at a nickname. I don't normally go for no hair. But still maybe you are a nice guy. So I'll send you an email see what happens. Oh God what do I write. Something

Okay this will do "Hi Jabba thank you for the flirt. I'm new to all this so you'll have to excuse me. But if you would like to chat get back to me."

Kiss? or no Kiss? No kiss I reckon.

There. The ball as they say is in his court.Time will tell how it will come back. 

The End

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