Strike that

A kiss never felt more intense or sincere,it run shivers trought her body and the intent of much more!

Yet trought this building up of desire and the rush of lust,a more sober thought registered in her mind." I forgot to turn the light off in the kicthen!",what a strange tought to linger in your brain when you are otherwise occupied with life aspects of procreation.

"Wait ."

"Am I dreaming ? Well obviously not,otherwise how could I reason the fact  I am talking inwardly ?!!",there is a buzz in my hears and it is not from passion.

"How anoying! Stop,I say."

....Mumbling underbreath I try and erase the last setence and strike the entire content,but my fingers don`t  move and the delete button remains untouched.

Maybe there is something here,not a masterpiece but then again nothing that I write really is!

"Stop putting yourself down,lets others who read this do that for you!"

My insistent voice(I call it the anoying pain in the back rear-not really but I don`t want to go mature!!!),shouts out loud.

And it still insists that maybe there is really something here,not really aware of what I leave it open to grow and another story is added.

"Why not ?!!".Men,some times I which I had a pare of...

The End

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