She warmed to her fingertips with the thought of a divine death. In the end she would take her own life in some grand gesture. She was too arrogant to let the world control her. Every drop of blood in her veins was her own to command, and when she had exhausted the possibilities of the world she would say goodbye.  No one would take her life for her; she wouldn’t give them the pleasure. She imaged throwing herself into a black arctic river. The ice water would rush into her lungs and fill in the empty spaces in her heart making her whole again. She dreamt of the dark pure water as she sat wedged between the wall and the soda machine. On occasion the soda machine would release a gust of cold air and she would close her eyes and envision the arctic winds rushing over her.

Her glossy eyes fixated on room 118. The door was open and she watched as a small frustrated maid dragged out trash bag after full trash bag. The room was in quite a state and a passerby might deduce that it belonged to a rock star or a meth head; however she was looking much closer. Approximately four days ago as she returned from a night out she spotted a particularly interesting tenant emerge from room 118 at precisely 3:02 AM.

The maid dragged out a bag of crumpled paper and glass and threw it in the bin grabbed a broom and returned to the demolished den. Her bones cracked into place as she stood up from the hard floor, and she could feel her atoms buzzing in her dizzy legs. She slipped from her hiding place and dived her hands into the trash bag, searching for something of value. The sound of the maids cheap sneakers forced her to retreat back to her hiding place. For hours she sat curled up in a ball head leaning against the soda machine but no one saw her, not the maid, not the skinny man who bought a coke, not the tenant of 118. He had returned several hours later with a bottle and a plastic bag full of sharp edges. When she was sure he would not emerge from his room again she inspected the photo she stole. It was a picture of a man smiling on the beach, and she recognized this man as her Scotch drinking companion. 

The End

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